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☆ Read ✓ Kill and Tell by Bea Davenport Ä What s that First review for this book How lucky I am This was a great read.
When I think crime, I don t think summer read But I ve read this whole book in the sun in my garden It works The setting is great and I could picture Dowerby perfectly Although I knew it was set somewhere inspired by Alnwick and other Northern market towns, I was picturing Dowery just like that anyway, and would have regardless Maura was a rather frustrating character She was in a poisonous relationship with her husband, and my, what a dick he was Men like Nick deserve to die a very slow and painful death and I m very glad of how the end turned out Kim was great glamorous and sassy she was just what Dowerby needed And she wasn t afraid, not until the very end and anyone would have been terrified then.
I feel sorry for Rosie in all of this and don t understand why she didn t say anything at nursery isn This is one of those compulsive reads that draws you in from the start In a small market town there is a man, his wife and their young daughter The man is keen to make his mark and how do you do that in a small town You join the annual fair committee of course and make it the most successful one to date How do you do that Well you invite the journalists into your town, hype the obvious big pull, the dunking stall, no matter if it s sexist in that only the women of the town are dunked, and you dress up in costume get the townsfolk to man their stalls and this being England, pray for fine weather.
Maura Wood is happy tending to her daughter Rosie s needs and keeping house for Nick, well mostly happy, perhaps happier when he is out organising for the fair, but happy enough, that is until Kim a sassy journalist comes to town and opens Maura s eyes to the possibility of life as a indepen The thought of going through it all again is overwhelming Finding a new anonymous home, finding a new job where the boss won t ask too many questions, remembering to answer to a new, made up name I don t even know if I have the strength to pull it off a second time, and anyway, how many times would it take I thought I d found a book about a woman who had fled an abusive husband, and who feared that her husband had caught up to her I had, but the story that unfolded had far to it than that.
There was an abusive husband a man who belittled his wife, a man who knew where he could hurt her and leave no marks, a man who always had an answer.
There was a small market town an insular town where people were quick to judge, where they clung to tradition, where outsiders and new ideas were resented.
And there was a newcomer a bri 3.
5 starsThis is an interesting psychological thriller set in a sleepy English town that holds an annual reenactment fair of medieval times As part of the tradition, there is a ducking tank, but only for wenches Kim, the new local reporter, becomes embroiled in a town scandal and quickly despised The town doesn t like newcomers and resents Kim s city ways, her pluck, and her lifestyle Quiet, meek Maura, married to the vile Nick, becomes friends with Kim When something happens to Kim, Maura blames herself Told from Maura s point of view, the book alternates between the present day, with Maura living alone in London, and the past approximately five years before , which focuses on Maura s friendship with Kim as well as her troubled marriag This was her first novel, and I read it after I had read This Little Piggy which is much better That having been said, this is a good book the difference between first and second is encouraging, and makes me want further works by her.
It s a good story, set in a fictional Northumberland town I figured out that that was Alnwick market square, castle, tourists At the end she said it was inspired by Alnwick, and other places certainly, if it was Alnwick she would have had decent eateries to choose from.
I know some people hate the current fashion for novels written in flashback I tend to like them, but in this case I think it was a flaw That having been said, a strength of the novel included the contrast in lifestyle between before and after In Too Deep by Bea Davenport is a Legend Press publication and was released in the summer of 2013 I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Maura and Nick live in the small town of Dowerby Things are underway for the annual Dowerby Fair One of the traditions of the fair is a medieval tradition that only women are subject to and that is a dunking booth Nick is very involved in the planning of the fair Maura is offended by the dunking but she is just blown off by the committee.
When a young, attractive reporter, Kim Carter, moves to town, she turns Maura and Nick s conventional life on it s ear.
Maura who has never connected with the people in Dowerby, makes an instant friend out of Kim The two of them couldn t be different But, Kim sees the reality of Maura s life better than Maura Kim helps Maura get a job and begins h The Window S So Small I Can T See What Happens Next But What I Do Know Is That Kim Is Dead And I Know This, Too That I Helped To Kill Her Kim, My Lovely, Only, Best Friend Five Years Ago Maura Fled Life In Dowerby And Took On A New Identity, Desperately Trying To Piece Her Life Back Together And Escape The Dark Clouds That Plagued Her Past But Then A Reporter Tracks Her Down, And Persuades Her To Tell Her Story, Putting Her Own Life In Danger Once AgainLayer Upon Layer Of Violence And Deceit Make Up The Full Picture For Maura To See And The Reporter To Reveal Hidden Secrets Are Uncovered That Have Been Left To Settle, For Far Too Long But In Life Some Things Can T Be Left Unsaid, And Eventually The Truth Will Out Whatever The Consequences Maura is a young lady living with her husband and child in what seems to be a sleepy,flowery Midsummer Murders style market town living the life of a woman who is looked after , spending her time buying makeup, magazines and cooking dinner for the family.
A newcomer,a bright, ambitious reporter arrives in town after a campaign to get publicity for the forthcoming summer fair Kim.
Kim is a larger than life character with no morals.
Probably too full on for such a small place and it s residents that do not accept outsiders readily.
Maura befriends Kim and I believe,relishes the adventure and excitement Kim has to offer and attracts.
The friendship is looked down upon by the rest of the townsfolk.
Maura s husband takes charge of that summer s annual medieval fair Things start to take a turn for the worst for Maura and eventually for Kim also.
Not going into this for I really enjoyed reading In too deep it is a suspenseful page turner and takes readers through a tense, disturbing journey Many readers will be able to sympathize with Maura the mail character Bea Davenport has marvellously put this novel together showing us damaged lives I would definitely recommend readers to read In to Deep and book clubs would definitely have lots of topics to talk about.
The story starts in the past of five years ago Maura Wood was idyllic stay at home wife to Nick and their daughter Rosie They lived in the small village of Dowerby where nothing much happened to gossip about.
Then Kim Carter comes to the village as the new district reporter for the regional evening paper Kim was pretty, bright and very ambitious.
Maura s husband Nick OK I struggled with this book almost from the start, part off that is that it is the narrative is in the first person and as a reader always struggle with books written like this, but mostly because I just didn t connect with the protagonist I found myself asking why all the time like why if she was smart enough to make a new identity why was she not smart enough to leave her dick of a husband and where is Rosie her daughter and the biggest question do I care I am not sure I do but the questions keep me reading now I am not sure if this book is really good and I am to jaded to see it or if it is very boring and I am to stubborn to admit it Either way this book has me flummoxed and that has not happened in a long time so yeah all I can say is read this book for yourself and you decided because I cant I wrote this while I was reading the book and I did finish it and you know

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