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[V. Vale] ë Re/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films [archaeology PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê Before the age of the DVD, the Criterion Collection, etc this was the only tome i knew of that cared about those lost, trashy films and their makers Still an important document of who what when and first person interviews.
the interviews are where it s at especially herschell gordon lewis the genre run downs would ve blown my mind at a younger age, but there are now entire books devoted to the various subgenres presented that are bothin depth and factually correct.
still a fantastic introduction to strange movies outside the mainstream.
This Classic Guide To Little Known Films Neglected By The Film Criticism Establishment Features Interviews With Herschell Gordon Lewis, Russ Meyer, Ray Dennis Steckler, Ted V Mikels, Larry Cohen, And Others Who Dared To Make Independent Feature Films Their Way, Without Bowing To A Committee Or Focus Group This Is An Oblique How To Manual, Covering Everything From Financing, Distribution, Lighting, Camerawork And Acting, To Publicity, Marketing And Screenwriting Would Be Filmmakers As Well As Scholars Will Find Much Inspiration And Enlightenment In This Volume, Which Has Been Used In College Film Classes In Depth Interviews Focus On Philosophy, While Anecdotes Entertain As Well As Illuminate Theory Lists Of Recommended Films, An A Z Directory, And Quotations Are Also Included One of the most influential books of all time in setting me off on the trail of movies I love most to this day.
6 10Re Search s guide to little known films neglected by Hollywood s establishment provides a spotlight to avant garde creators in a unique format that easy to navigate and flip through The problem is it spends too much time with too few provocateurs of the silver screen and too few explanations on how the magic was made and to what effect.
Grab this one first out of the mountain of Cult Film tomes.
This is an absolute must read for hardcore fans of B movies and exploitation films of all types Amazing, in depth interviews with Frank Henenlotter, Russ Meyer, H.
G Lewis, David Friedman, Doris Wishman, Larry Cohen, Ray Dennis Steckler, etc etc the list is pretty staggering If you think you ve seen it all, think again I finished this book with a decent list of stuff to search out that I d never heard of before

still one of the quintessential guides to psychotronic film this has been read, re read and dipped into many times over the last 25 years and helped guide me through the outer reaches of cinema essential In the early years of my adulthood, and relatively early in the video revolution, this book gave me a reading list of must see films, and also contextualized them with the stories of the filmmakers that had made them Unlike thechild friendly independent sci fi and horror side of the psychotronic spectrum, this book introduced me to the adult side of exploitation, including Russ Meyer, Ted V Mikels, and Joe Sarno I had already seen several of the films of Larry Cohen and Basket Case by Frank Henenlotter, both of whom are also interviewed, so I had some familiarity with the material herein, but there was a whole world of film I hadn t known before seeing this In addition to the interviews with filmmakers, essays on genres and specific films, and filmo All of this is sort of accepted now, but when Vale put this edition out B Movies were not that well respected outside the few film nerds who were crazy for these type of films And we are talking about Ed Wood, Russ Meyer, Doris Wiseman and so forth Sort of an underground film scene lurking under the Hollywood Sign Vale is really good at looking at a culture and presenting it to a larger crowd He s a great publisher in that sense and this book is really essential study and introduction to American bizarrio i.
e wonderful films and their filmmakers.

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