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[ Read Online Intimate Desires Í plays PDF ] by Celeste Carrara ò WOW Where do I start Stephanie is in her fourties who rents out her rooms to 4 hours young college boys Mark was such a sweetheart who won me over instantly Gosh talk about swoon worthy While she had him she also had Brent Yummy Let me tell you, I wouldn t mind somebody talking to me like Brent talked to her While she had both of these guys, Mark wantedfrom her I won t give away too much, but it was such a good book.
you just have to read it to find out for yourself I m hoping the next book, if there is one, will be about Brent Hot sexy football player who doesn t want anything but a good time Awesome read You won t be disappointed I received a complimentary e copy of Intimate Desires in exchange for an honest review Stephanie is an attractive, almost forty, divorcee who is at a crossroads in her life She s recently lost her job and thinks of a way to make money to help pay her bills She lives in a college town and decides to rent out a few rooms to some college students who are looking to get out of their dormitories Never did she expect to find 4 hottie students looking to rent rooms, and she certainly didn t expect that each of the 4 guys would be as attracted to her as she was to each of them When I received the offer to read Intimate Desires, it s exactly what I was in the mood for A quick moving hot and steamy romance and boy did Celeste deliver It was a quick read, and Stephanie Is Almost Forty And Her Life Hasn T Turned Out The Way She Planned That Doesn T Mean She S Ready To Give Up And Wallow In Her Misfortunes She Has Fantasies, Wild Fantasies And She Decides It S Time To Make Them Come True Lucky For Stephanie, She Has Four Hot Tenants That Are Anxious To Satisfy Her Needs It Was Supposed To Be One Night Of Pleasure Mark Soon Realizes He Can T Get Enough Of His Landlord, Stephanie He Doesn T Care About Their Age Difference, Or What Others Will Say Mark Will Do Whatever It Takes To Make Her See They Are Meant To Be Regardless Of The Obstacles That Lay Ahead He Will Fight For Her Because That S What You Do You Fight For The One You Love This Novella Contains Explicit Sexual Encounters, Which Include M NageAnd Over Only Intimate Desires is the first romance adult erotica novel I ve ever read, and I must say it was quite the crash course.
The setting a large Victorian home owned by a sexy but stifled woman, who decides to rent out the spare rooms to 4 young studs attending college nearby That s really all you need to go on.
The buildup to the inevitable, which is the perfect length, is laden with tension and thoroughly enjoyable The characters are drawn well, if a little stereotypically, and Stephanie herself is nearly as desirable to the reader as she is to the tenants of her home, though my attention was drawn slowly away from her as the prospect of the first, shall we say, encounter came careening over the horizon like a ferocious, sex crazed pack of tigers.
Some This is a good menage eroticaThe 1st time M F M M menage was awesome and with a voyeur didn t expected it so soon but was very good At 40 years old, Stephanie has an awesome body face which makes her look like a 25 year old.
But the age gap didn t stop Stephanie from having a relationship with someone 20 years younger.
The romance and sex was VERY enjoyable to read.
I liked how Stephanie can care for the 4 guys like a mother yet have a relationship with one of them.
I m a little curious though, what did the author mean by not too big, not too small, not too wide and not too skinny in value and how to make a 40 year old look like 25 would be great in real life Personally I really hoped that Mark would give Stephanie a good hard spanking or a punishment for hiding her birthday I got this book from the author in exchange fo Stephanie s life hasn t exactly turn out the way that she planned things She is closing in on her fortieth birthday but she is determined to make something of her life Stephanie is looking for a steady income and has decided to rent out a few rooms in her house to some college guys When Mark moves in he is immediately drawn to Stephanie and he soon realizes that he needs to make a move to get her attention He doesn t care about their difference in age but Stephanie does Will Mark be able to convince Stephanie that they are great together no matter their age difference I thought that this book was very well written I have had the pleasure of reading books by Celeste before and this is another great one This novella is not part of her paranormal series but that doesn t seem to make a difference Celeste has proven t Not only were the sex scenes eye opening and amazingly written, but the story was fantastic too The guys were all typical college guys and written well They all had their own distinct voice, especially Mark I liked reading his point of view He was funny and hot Stephanie was such a likeable character I was really rooting for her to get her happily ever after The scene at Thanksgiving with Mark s family was so good I felt like I was at the dinner table with them Now let s talk about the sex The group scene was just perfect I never wondered who was where or who was doing what because it was explained perfectly I could picture it all in my head It was hot as hell I ve loved all of Celeste s books but this one has to be my favorite Celeste never disappoints Celeste describes this story as about the female Stephanie but for me it was as much about the guys The first part of the story is really interesting in that it shows the difference in maturity between the young men and the older woman The men see her as a sex goddess and lust comes to the fore and they express that desire for her as only young guys can For her, its like opening the flood gates on her pent up desires and she fulfils them as only an experienced woman might but there comes a change in attitudes as the story progresses Stephanie has to come to terms with the age difference and her lover mark has to grow into a man fast A very interesting and steamy read that tackles a difficult subject head on and in a rather unusual manner.

As a woman in her forties I was immediately drawn to this story and the decadent delights it portrays It s a steamy read from start to finish with a fantasy feel to it as the heroine ends up having all her desires met when four young men move into her home These young men are randy, sexy, and attracted to her and drawn to her youthful body and attitude From that moment on we combine sensual fun along with a burgeoning relationship between the heroine and one of the young men that culminates in a HEA with virtually no big misunderstandings to get in the way.
Stephanie is reeling from losing her job and her husband and to make ends meet she s decided to rent her house to four young men whose pictures she s attracted to and who inspire a sense of safety in her Upon their arrival her life will never be the same again as she experiences a sexual awakening with all f I was excited to read about an older woman, and throwing a m nage situation into it was icing on the cake Needless to say, Intimate Desires served up one deliciously spicy read.
Stephanie is closing in on forty and with a divorce under her belt, no family or friends, and no job she is hardly ready to give up on life just yet though To make some extra income, she takes the opportunity to carefully select four new tenants for her old Victorian house Now lucky for her, they all just so happen to want to satisfy her every desire But after one night with Stephanie, one of the guys is determined to make thisthan just a fling despite their significant age difference.
I think that Intimate Desires was a very spicy read, but I also thought it was kind of one dimensional too The characters didn t have any real depth to the

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