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☆ Read Ñ Intimate Secrets by B.J. Daniels å This short Hqn book by B.
J Daniels has a lot going for it A tight plot that gives nothing away till near the end and a hot romance.
What is Josie so afraid of and who is the father of her baby Those are the questions that are central to this story Josie finds herself knocked up and in West Texas, you got married and made it work Josie runs and makes a life in Montana At the same time she leaves a gallery is robbed and gems worth over 1 million are stolen Two guys she knows well are suspected to be the perps One of them died in a fiery car crash But, did he Odell strikes terror in Josie s heart Clay, the hero, also terrifies her, but for a different reason.
She Had The Kind Of Secret No Woman Could KeepWhen Josie O Malley Found Herself Pregnant, She Knew Her Father Would Surely Mete Out The Texas Law Of The West And Shoot The No Count Before He D Demand A Shotgun Wedding What Her Dad Didn T Know Was The Josie Has Been With The One Man He D Respected Above All Others Clay JacksonHe D Never Guessed He Fathered Her ChildTwo Years Ago Josie Left Texas In A Hurry For The Solitude Of Montana Now Clay Knew Why But It Boiled His Blood That She D Had Anybody S Baby But His It Burned Him Even That A Thief Led Clay To Her Doorstep So What Was Josie Hiding Besides A Child And What Would Clay S Investigation Reveal About The Toddler S Fatherand The Woman He D Never Stopped Loving This was a good read I enjoyed the characters, their personalities and the story line There s emotions, courage, strength, suspense, some steaminess, sweetness and a good ending This is a good book for the lazy day read or just something to pass the time Good Luck Miniseries Cowboy at HeartCategory Suspense Not just a romanceit was an exciting mystery I couldn t figure it out What a surprise endingwell the who done it part.
a very enjoyable read, read it very quickly.
Loved this book.

doctors but can t wait to readby this author May 28, 2000Another month, another secret baby, this time little Ivy O Malley in B.
J Daniels Intimate Secrets Two years ago, Josie O Malley fled her home in Texas Pregnant, in danger, and unwilling to be forced into marriage with a man who didn t love her, she made a new life for herself and her baby daughter in Montana Then Clay Jackson turned up in town Clay Jackson, who she s known all her life Clay, the father of her child He s been trying to solve a jewel theft that happened shortly before she left town, and he s sure it can t be a coincidence that the trail has led him to Josie He knows she s keeping something from him But what Intimate Secrets features all the conventions about secret child books that make me and most people I know throw up their hands at this overused device I groaned at every on

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