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[ Read Online Il n'est pas si facile de vivre ✓ martial-arts PDF ] by Christine Arnothy Å Christine Arnothy S First Book I Am Fifteen And I Don T Want To Die Was Welcomed By The Critics As One Of The Most Remarkable Personal Documents Of The War And As The Work Of A Born Writer It Was Based On A Diary Written During The Russian Siege Of Budapest It Is Not So Easy To Live Tells The Story Of Her Flight After She Had Escaped From Hungary With Her Parents In Vienna They Survived A Series Of Adventures And Finally Managed To Cross The Frontier Of The Russian Zone Of Austria With The Aid Of Forged Documents, Only To Find Themselves Immured In An Allied Refugee Camp At KufsteinThe Book Goes On To Tell Of Christine S Arrival In Paris, Where She Found Employment As Nurse To A Child, Of Her Marriage To Georges, A Hungarian Whom She Had Previously Encountered At Kufstein, And Of Their Life Together, Friendless In An Alien CountryMiss Arnothy Has, To A Remarkable Degree, The Ability To Recapture Her Past Experiences And This Enables Us To Sympathize With And Even To Share The Feelings Of A Young Girl Who Is A Refugee, But Who Still Longs To Enjoy The Youth She Feels Passing From Her Anxiety And Loneliness, Disappointment And Grinding Poverty, These Are Daily Features Of The Life Of A Refugee They Could Only Be Overcome By Work Which Was Hard Yet Poorly Rewarded, By Courage And Absence Of Self Pity, By The Determination To Become A Writer Which Sustained Her And Which Never Weakened These Characteristics Which Miss Arnothy Has Shown So Conspicuously In Her Life Are Communicated With Equal Intensity In Her Book Comment ai je fait pour trouver ce livre Une partie de l histoire ranconte la mienne The follow up to J ai Qunize Ans picks up right where its predecessor left as Christine takes us through hers and her parents very risky journey across the border that fortunately ends without fatal wounds They then settle down in a camp in Kufstein and from there the story picks up a completely different pace Christine the child who escaped war is now a young woman in a full Emma Bovary mode Her seemingly never ending caprices dominate the pages A lot of people who compare her to Madame Bovary do it in a pejorative light but it s not so for me Christine may complain a lot but she is doing it on paper She never troubles anyone, she keeps it all inside in an attempt not bother those around her I sympathize with her due to my own mood swings and general displeasure with everythi

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