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î Savage Delight â Download by Û Sara Wolf This is going to be a very spoiler filled rant review with a lot of cussing in about every other line for every other character It s a mixed review for both Lovely Vicious and Savage Delight It s going to be long gives a pointed look You ve been warned This series is one of those that I truly despise but can t seem to give up on There are actually quite a few reasons for that Reason 1 The books are really really short, like I can finish them in a single sitting short And that is just reason enough for me to read them since I have a GR challenge to complete.
Reason 2 These stories have a tendency to end in a way that I just have to know what happens next They make my ugly curious streak flare up and I just gotta know dammit Reason 3 I m a sick masochist Anyway, Hmmmmm I m really confused I don t know what i m felling right now.
It starts like thatand after a while i became so much angry I wanted so bad to slap Sofia in some point I wanted to strangle Nameless or I wanted to shake up IsisAnd i wanted to hung and comfort my sweet Jack Oh I almost forget it I like you knife guy, I really do, dude And when i was about saying HALLELUJAHThen Bang Oh, FUCK Everything collapseand i fell to the bottomand i become like thatWhy the hell, is everything against them First, was the amnesia The pain in my chest was unbearableSecondly, too many secretsAnd finally, it seems that almost everyone is against themMy poor, Isis You have to get over the shitty attitude of Nameless and give I was only mildly shocked by the ending and a teensy weensy disappointed because although I foreshadowed that the event was gonna happen, I still hoped the author would possibly have optioned a different route But I guess that particular ending was inevitable and perhaps for the best But other than that, the book is perfect So perfect that Ryan Reynolds could kiss a man hahaha Because even if the love story and the entire plot were heavy, the characters particularly Jack and Isis, Isis especially, made everything light, entertaining and breathlessly funny For that incredible reading experience, I thank you Ms Sara Wolf I ve never encountered a crazier huge compliment writer.
5 WTF Was That Ending Stars Series Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf This is the second installment after Lovely Vicious The sadness will last forever And I think he was right, but I also think he was very, very wrong It doesn t last forever Because we don t last forever This book comes after Lovely Vicious, and it is a completion after the crazy ending in book one We also have a new character who played a big role in this book, Sofia If you ve read the first book, you might have an idea on who s this, and why she s very important to the plot line In this sequel though, she s one of the main characters We learnabout her personality and the past I must admit, Sofia is very twisted and can be borderline crazy At the same time, I didn t hate her I just feel sorry for her even though she s the crazy antagonist To make it short, I do This sequel has gotten a bit depressing for me because of Sophia I really hate her character since she made all things complicated, I know I shouldn t blame her but it drained all the fun in this book Isis is still her usual awesome self despite being in a hospital for awhile This girl is all sunshine and I just love her for it.
Jack on the other hand had turned icier andbrooding than ever but I love reading his POV, they re all lyrical and I m such a sucker for guys being lyrical and broken at the same time It makes me want to nurse him until he smiles sigh The ending is still predictable, there s also a lot of plot holes and some of the characters are left out but that didn t stop me from finishing it and reading the final book.
The sadness will last forever And I think he was right, but I also think he was very, very wrong It doesn t last forever Because we don t last foreverThis was a decent follow up to the first book which I still hold dearly in my heart but in this one something felt off First and foremost, I hate how the author categorized it as a novel despite its short length Isis is a really dark and twisted teenager and that s my favorite kind However, she s snarky and sassy and sometimes doesn t think the consequences of saying whatever she feels like saying and ends up hurting people around her I m not saying that Jack, the cold king, doesn t deserve any of this but sometimes we have to draw a line at what is and isn t appropria Apr S Son Coma, Isis Se Souvient De Tout Sauf De JackIl Y AAns,Semaines EtJours, Isis Blake Est Tomb E Amoureuse Et Elle S Tait Jur Que Cela N Arriverait Plus Mais C Tait Sans Compter Sur Son Meilleur Ennemi, Jack Hunter Avant Qu Ils Aient Pu S Avouer Leurs Sentiments, Un Terrible V Nement A Plong Isis Dans Un Coma Dont Elle S Est R Veill E Sans Le Moindre Souvenir De JackJack Va T Il Tenter De Raviver La M Moire D Isis Ou Respectera T Il Sa Volont De Ne Plus Jamais Entendre Parler D Amour Chewed this up faster than the first one Same great Isis with a lotintrigue Not predictable at all.
Another superb read from the phenomenally talented Sara Wolf This series packs plenty of punch What I love most about it is the complex characterization, witty dialogue, and angst filled romance that had me biting my nails to the bone My heart bled for Isis and Jack in this one Just as they seemed to have come to an understanding, Isis can t remember who Jack is and he feels like it s his fault for the way he s treated her I spent the whole book praying that her memories of him would return so that all would be right with the world.
Sophia playsof a central part in this story, and the mystery that was introduced in the first book is revealed here There were elements of the plot that I had already guessed, which was a bit of a bummer, but there was enough going on with other sub plots that were left of f

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