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[ Pdf Journeys with Florida's Indians (UPF Young Readers Library) Õ shojo PDF ] by Kelley G. Weitzel · A Marvelous Account Of Florida S Indians For Young Readers Jerald T Milanich, Florida Museum Of Natural History Journeys With Florida S Indians Launches Readers In Grades Through On An Adventure Into Florida S Past Young Readers Will Meet The Paleoindians And Learn About Their Arrival In The Americas, Then Join A Boy On His First Mammoth Hunt As He Escapes Stampedes And The Flames Of A Fire Drive Next, Readers Move Forward In Time To Meet Spanish Explorers, The Timucua, The Calusa, And The Apalachee Indians First Through Fact, Then Through Fiction They Ll Attend The First Meeting Between French Explorers And The Timucua And Learn How Europeans Impacted Florida S Indians Alternating Factual Chapters Are Filled With Maps, Historical Engravings, And Modern Illustrations Fictional Chapters Are Narrated By Tenerife, A Fictional Timucua Indian Kidnapped By The Spanish As A Child, Whose Tales About Florida S Native Cultures Reflect His Own Escape And Adventures On His Journey HomeWeitzel S Book Fills Several Basic Needs For Florida S Young Readers And Educators It Is A Valuable Tool For School Libraries Serving Students In State History Classes At Both Upper Elementary And Middle School Levels It Highlights Native Cultures In Northeast, Northwest, And South Florida, Making It Appropriate For Public Libraries, National Parks, And bookstores Throughout The State Although There Are Multiple books On The Seminoles, This Text Is The Only One For Young Readers On Florida S Many Historic And Prehistoric Cultures Fiction And Fact Are Combined In An Engaging Introduction With Solid, Up To Date History In Effect, Two books In A Single Economical Package Combining Accessible Archaeology And History, Compelling Fiction, And Than Illustrations, Journeys With Florida S Indians Will Appeal To All Young Florida Readers And The Teachers And Librarians Who Work With ThemKelley Weitzel Is Senior Preserve Naturalist At The Pelotes Island Nature Preserve Her Previous Book The Timucua Indians A Native American Detective Story UPF, Received The Florida Historical Society S Charlton Tebeau Book Award For The Best General Interest Youth Oriented Book On Florida History

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