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Download Epub Format À K PDF by ó Daniel Easterman En , La Suite De La Crise Conomique, L Aviateur Charles Lindbergh A T Lu Pr Sident Des Tats Unis Avec Le Soutien Du Ku Klux Klan Et De L Alliance Aryenne En , Les Services Secrets Britanniques Envoient Sur Place John, Un De Leurs Agents, Nom De Code Victor Sa Mission Est D Abattre Le Vice Pr Sident Stephenson Dot De L Identit D Un Avocat Am Ricain, John D Barque Clandestinement Sur Les C Tes Am Ricaines O Il Est Pris En Charge Par Un R Seau De R Sistance Bient T, Il Peut V Rifier Que Les Craintes De Ses Sup Rieurs Sont Fond Es Stephenson Et Hitler N Gocient En Secret Une Alliance Victor R Ussira T Il Accomplir Sa Mission Parviendra T Il Faire Chouer Le Dangereux Projet L Irlandais Daniel Easterman, Sp Cialiste De L Islam, A D J Publi Plusieurs Romans Qui D Noncent L Extr Misme, Dont Le Nom De La B Te Ce Th Me Fournit Une Fois Encore La Ligne Directrice De Ce Thriller Qui Comporte De Grands Moments De Bravoure Et Rappelle De Fa On Fort Convaincante Les Dangers Du Totalitarisme Claude Mespl De This booK was really bad I have heard that other of his booKs are good but I cannot say too much positive about this booK First, I thinK a having a completely made up distopia would have been interesting than taKing what happened in the past and stretching it into fiction Second, the author and his editors were asleep on the job In spy fiction there should not be any glaring errors and in this booK there were two if the author cannot Keep what is happening straight, then how is the reader going to Keep the plot straight Third, I couldn t have cared less about what would happen to the main characters Over all, won t be picKing up another booK by Easterman anytime soon.
I really really wanted to liKe this booK because Daniel Easterman is really one of my favorite escape reading authors I thought the premise was good, and I will admit that the booK held me in suspense, at least through the first few chapters, but overall, I didn t liKe it very much.
Here s the premise The KKK in 1932 bacKs their candidate, Charles Lindbergh, who succeeds in the presidential election rather than FDR Lindbergh, Known for his Aryan views, allows the KKK a great deal of power, and as the story opens, we find that Jews are in concentration camps in the US Facism abounds and old southern prejudices are taKen to new heights against African Americans Lynchings are not only legal, but they are advertised spectator events At staKe is US involvement with Hitler, siding with the Nazis in an alliance against other Europeans in WWII.
Sounds good, yeah And parts of it were But on the fl Here s a good alternate history type of novel, set in an America ruled by Charles Lindbergh while the Nazis are still at war in Europe Mostly a spy thriller, the plot is cleverly built and unfolding telling of a British spy set to stir a political chess game supposed to force the USA into the war on the Allies side Sadly, plot aside everything here tends to fall slightly apart the characters are way too one dimensional to be interesting and, the action turns ridiculously and crazily Hollywood action type of movies in the end It s a pity as, the imagined fascist and violent regime of Lindbergh, chillingly supported by a state police controlled by J Edgar Hoover and an all powerful KKK was all in all very well rendered Absolutely chilling alternative history Daniel Easterman writes such a realistic portrayal of an America on the verge of an alliance with Nazi Germany it is almost scary.
Well written, this is a real page turner that I could not put down It s a fairly old booK and I personally don t thinK it ever achieved the recognition it deserves.
Highly recommended Vastly interesting Easterman writes a gripping piece of alternate history so well, it seems almost real Issues mostly with the moral angle the romance adulterous affair wasn t necessary in my opinion, as well as the paedophiliac bits Would it have augmented or completed Stephenson s monstrous aura by maKing him out to be an incestuous paedophile Also, child suicide Just my two cents worth.
A highly imaginative alt hist political thriller that puts Philip Roth s The Plot Against America which has a similar concept to shame The climax is a little rushed and the ending doesn t jive with the rest of the booK, but other than that, I couldn t put it down.
awesome and terrifying booK.
imagine if the KKK were in power when hitler went to war and they sided with the germans I thinK I should stop trying alternate history novels I always go into them thinKing ooo, this will be fun, and always end up going oh, come ON, even if the writing itself is fine.
K is for Killing is a spy novel set in an alternate version of the 1940s, wherein Charles Lindbergh was elected instead of Roosevelt, the KKK tooK over and allied itself with Nazi Germany John Ridgeworth is a half American half British secret agent sent in to cause havoc He worKs with members of the various undergrounds, and the wife of a top ranKing official with whom he instantly has an affair There are close calls, hair breadth escapes, and lots of times when good guys fail There is torture, murder, the violent deaths of men, women, and children.
With this Kind of alternate history there a certain coyness to the conceit, a Kind of shocK value in the very idea You thinK it couldn t have happened h Quite scary to imagine if history had been different something liKe this could have happened.

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