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[Nirupama Subramanian] Þ Keep the Change [belgium PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ 3.
5 to be precise I loved how it s funny, witty and totally relatable too Ahhh how I love reading Indian authors again Loved this book as I can relate to this very well Damayanthi is typical of middle class girls who grow up in Chennai, study in girls schools and colleges Her entry into the corporate world reminded me of mine The story resonates well and is so typical of Chennai life.
The Uncoolness Of Her Name Plagues B Damayanthi, Along With The Bunch Of Unsuitable Prospective Husbands Her Amma Throws At Her, A Dead End Job As An Accountant In A Decrepit Firm, The Oppressiveness Of Chennai When She Finally Jettisons Her Job And Some Of Her Inhibitions To Join A Bank In Mumbai, Amma S Parting Words Are Be Good Don T Do Anything Silly Translation Stay Away From Sex And Alcohol Soon Damayanthi Is Negotiating Competitive Corporate Corridors And Big City Life Aided By Dubious Words Of Wisdom From The Cherub Faced Jimmy, She Must Impress The Intellectual CG Who Has A Low Opinion Of Her Battle Sonya Sood, Flatmate And Size Zero Sophisticate, For The TV Remote Choose Between Resisting Or Giving In To Temptation In The Form Of The Seductive Rahul Deal With The Moral Dilemma Of Stealing A Million Dollar Idea For Her Project Can A Good Girl Have A Really Good Time Can The Conservative, Curd Rice Eating Damayanthi Become A Cool, Corporate Babe Keep the Change Is A Rollicking, Wickedly Witty Story Of Every Girl S Journey To Fulfill Her Dreams And Find Her Own Place In The World An amusing story about a brainy Tamilian girl whose conservative family wants her to get married ASAP while she wants to work and have fun Witty writing, racy read, simple characters However it is written in the form of letters narrating the daily existence of the young girl This I think took away a bit from the merit of writing Otherwise okay to read.
A usual story written in an engaging and different style Secret of Protagonists Damyanthi s friend Vic in the end was surprising.
Good chicklitBut seems I have overgrown the ohase of liking chiklits now Headline.
The book is nice for a one time read Its one of those novels where you know how its gonna end but you read ahead anyway.

Could relate myself to the character at so many places So lucidly written and witty A brilliant piece Pick this book if relieving your mind is the purpose.
It s a fun read You ll be pleasantly surprised.
A very funnily and differently written book I loved the way Nirupama built her protagonist and the story using the medium of letters Also the characters were not prim, proper and perfect making them easier to relate to And while the whole story was fun to read, I wished the ending were a little different and perhaps happier.

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