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Trailer ↠´ Keeping Her PDF by ç Cora Carmack Garrick s POV Garrick Taylor And Bliss Edwards Managed To Find Their Happily Ever After Despite A Rather Ahem Complicated Start By Comparison, Meeting The Parents Should Be An Absolute Breeze, Right But From The Moment The Pair Lands In London, New Snags Just Keep Cropping Up A Disapproving Mother In Law To Be, Than One Mostly Minor Mishap, And The Realization That Perhaps They Aren T Quite As Ready For Their Future As They ThoughtAs It Turns Out, The Only Thing Harder Than Finding Love Is Keeping It A cute continuation of Garrick and Bliss Can I just ask the author community something Why in the world would you want to have an insecure heroine as a protagonist It s becoming an annoying trend I would understand it if it was because of the character s growth I love seeing a character evolve from an insecure heroine proud of who she has become and kicking ass.
But Bliss You have an amazing guy who literally worships you and you spend the time worrying about how you re not perfect for him Girl, please You take insecurity to a new level You would make a feminist cry like a new born baby What if she took one look at me and confirmed what I already knew to be true Garrick was too good for me.
But that didn t mean I was too stupid to know that he could have someone prettier or taller or with less frizzy hair But he was with me As long as I didn t screw it up, of course Esta breve historia fue muy dulce Me encant esta dulce historia Me encant ver a Bliss y Garrick en un nuevo entorno y ver c mo act an Conocer a la familia de Garrick definitivamente fue un punto importante para m , y aunque no me gusta particularmente su pap , me gusta la actitud de su madre Fue genial ver m s de ellos y, al igual que el primer libro, esto fue gracioso Una cosa que realmente no me gust fue que termin demasiado pronto para m , quer a m s Bliss y Garrick en Londres.
Los amaba desde que Losing It y no pod a perder la oportunidad de volver a verlos Ambos, Garrick y Bliss, ahora son m s maduros, felices y enamorados Saben lo que quieren y c mo obtenerlo Mi parte favorita fue al final cuando Bliss demostr lo bien que conoc a a Garri 4 Clumsy Stars This short story was real sweet It happens after Garrick and Bliss got engaged and they are going to London to meet Garrick s father And when they get there Bliss completely understands why he doesn t like to talk about his family And with the nerves getting the better of Bliss and increasing her clumsiness, she only wants to be accepted by his family I loved this sweet story It was great to seeof them and just as the book, this was hilarious If you are a fan of the series, you really can t miss this

OMG this book is gonna be from Garrick s POVhappens after the Epiloguei cannot believe thisI CANNOT WAIT.
Keeping Her is a sequel novella to LOSING IT It is written from both Garrick and Bliss s POV, and takes place AFTER the events of LOSING IT Please note though it is NOT a full length novel I never intended to write a full sequel to Bliss s story, but I thought it might be fun to give you a little glimpse into what happens after their happily ever after I hope you all enjoy Edit June OH MY GOD, CORA OH MY GOD GARRICK, GARRICK, GARRICK

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