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[Holly Black] Ò Kin [school PDF] Read Online Ò This story is somewhat interesting though unoriginal, and it jumps around and tries to pack in WAY too much for a graphic novel Artwork was ugly and inconsistent to the point where the main character remarks that s the boy from the coffee shop and I thought, really and flipped back and they sort of look the same The main character s face changes so often and gives such ugly expressions that it pulled me out of the story I m sorry, but I want nice artwork when I m reading a graphic novel otherwise I d just, you know, read a novel.
Will continue since I ve got the next two out from the library, but so far not all that impressed I think this would ve made a better novella.
Was soll ich sagen Eigentlich stehe ich ja auf Feen und Geschichten um Feen herum AberDie Zeichnungen sind grauselig Sie gefallen mir gar nicht und sind nicht ansprechend Die Personen haben viel zu oft Fratzen statt Gesichter, obwohl der Text eine ganz andere Sprache spricht.
Dann der Inhalt, Rues Vater wird angeklagt mindestens einen Mord begangen zu haben, w hrend auch ihre Mutter pl tzlich spurlos verschwunden ist Und Rue geht trotzdem auf Partys Macht einen drauf mit ihren Freunden So ganz nebenher kommt sie in Kontakt mit der Feenwelt und h lt sich f r verr ckt Ihr Gro vater taucht auf, dazu ein komischer J ngling und dann ist pl tzlich ihre Mutter wieder da, ihr Vater frei Ich komme mit dem Inhalt nicht hinterher.
Und was dem Ganzen dann f r mi Rue Silver S Mother Has Disappeared And Her Father Has Been Arrested, Suspected Of Killing Her But It S Not As Straightforward As That Because Rue Is A Faerie, Like Her Mother Was And Her Father Didn T Kill Her Mother Instead, He Broke A Promise To Rue S Faerie King Grandfather, Which Caused Rue S Mother To Be Flung Back To The Faerie World Now Rue Must Go To Save Her And Must Also Defeat A Dark Faerie That Threatens Our Very Mortal World This was an interesting story, but I Kind of hate this art style so idk if I m going to continue it.
This book is not that good to be honest, a lot of stuff does not make any sense and got me confused Well is her dad is a killer Is she crazy and her mom is I don t recommend you to read this book because it like you in a maze and you can t get out of it.
Kin managed to tell a lot of story in a short amount of time The artwork was beautiful for the most part, but I very much did not like the style of the faces This was engaging and interesting, but I feel like it would have done better novel style, or some Kind of hybrid.
A teenage girl finds out she is part Faery Sound familiar That s because it has occurred in scores of YA fantasies, including earlier works by this same author As a story, this is fine, but all the elements were too familiar to me from previous reading Turning it into a graphic novel is a somewhat novel approach, but I wasn t that impressed by the execution of the artwork The drawing style suits the story, but the many of the characters looked too much the same, and too old for high school.
Also and this is a totally nerdy objection I was Kind of irked by how they brought in the story of Bridget Cleary I m sure they just picked this case because it is well documented in studies that are easily available, but to me that makes it all the lazy There are many other cases of people killed as changelings, why pick the one which is most ambiguous about the people involved actually Rue Silver s mother has just disappeared, her father has been arrested under suspicion of killing one of his graduate students Things get worse when Rue starts seeing things that shouldn t be there strange people with animal heads and vines that cover whole buildings overnight You see, Rue s mother is a faerie, and Rue s father broke a promise that he made to the faerie King, who is ready to take revenge for this slight out on the entire human race.
Writer Holly Black already has a strong following with her work on The Spiderwick Chronicles and Tithe, and the world she creates here in which hip, sexy humans mingle with magic and ancient elves will probably have wide appeal for teens Additionally, the mysterious disappearances that drive the story promise their share of intrigue and suspense It s too bad, then, that this book just isn t any good The characters ar

So I ve only read one Holly Black book which was The Cruel Prince Also, I don t read graphic novels or any comic books really since I was like nine, and even then it was only the Archie comics So I didn t know how I was going to feel about it.
First, the pictures were great Seriously loved the illustrations The graphic novel overall felt a bit lacKing, but that may just be because I feel like I can get of a story from an actual book However, it was still really fun I did like the main character Rue she had a cool vibe, but I still didn t feel like there was a whole lot of characterization here for the characters Again, that could just be because it was a graphic novel So if you like comic book type books and fairies, I d suggest giving this one a try My experience with reading Holly Black has been mixed My first foray into her work was with the Modern Faerie Tale series I sadly wasn t terribly fond of them In grad school, I devoured her Curse Worker trilogy on audio and absolutely loved it Unfortunately, my reading experience with The Good Neighbors was aKin to when I first read her The first problem is the tired and clich plot Readers follow Rue, a girl who s always been able to see strange and mysterious things Her father is accused of murder after her mother dissapears under mysterious circumstances and one of his college students is found dead Rue is convinced that her father is innocent, so she begins looKing for answers who exactly is her mother If her father didn t murder the college student, then how did she die The answers will lead her into discovering a much larger world hiding in plain sight.

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