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[ Pdf King Kong vs. Tarzan (The Wild Adventures of King Kong Book 1) ✓ literary-criticism PDF ] by Will Murray · This was much better written than I expected As a huge Burroughs and Tarzan fan, I was a bit disappointed that the Lord Of the Jungle didn t factor into the story but I enjoyed the 30 s pulp style of writing and felt it moved as a great pace.
The Lord of the Jungle has bested some mighty tough critters over the course of his long career The King of Skull Island, meanwhile, has kicked a whole lot of dinosaur butt, in addition to whupping at least in the American film version a big booger called Godzilla So when these titans finally clash, you know there will be fireworks.
And that s exactly what we get in Will Murray s new epic, King Kong vs.
Tarzan And how it all comes about is told so convincingly that this unlikely meeting comes to seem inevitable.
If you ve seen the movie recently and I m talking the 1933 version , you may recall that an hour and twenty four minutes into the film, after Kong is subdued by a gas bomb on Skull Island, movie producer Carl Denham says, Why, in a few months it ll be up in lights on Broadway Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World and in the next scene we see the Broadway marquee, proclaim BEAST GOD VERSUS APE MAN The Year Was Filmmaker Carl Denham Had Captured The Stupendous Monster He Had Dubbed King Kong But That Was Only The Beginning Denham Was Determined To Get The Dethroned Ruler Of Skull Mountain Island Back To America, And Cash In On The Greatest Wild Animal Capture In Human History The Saga Of How Kong Was Taken In Chains From His Indian Ocean Kingdom To New York City Has Never Been Told In Order For The Cargo Freighter Wanderer To Make The Long Transit To The Atlantic, She Is Forced To Circumnavigate Africa Jungle Home Of The Legendary Tarzan Of The Apes Here Is The Long Anticipated Clash Between The Monarch Of Skull Island And Lord Of The Jungle When The Largest Anthropoid Who Ever Lived Encounters The Savage Superman Raised By The Great Apes, Will They Make Peace Or War This book was a lot of fun I was a big fan of the original King Kong movie and also the Tarzan movies and books Will Murray now brings these two jungle monarchs face to face And what I really liked about the story was how the author brings them together The filmmaker Carl Denham has captured the gigantic ape Kong and is carrying him in chains in the cargo freighter to New York We know all that from the movie But what we didn t know is that, off the coast of Africa, Kong escapes and makes it to shore As Kong endangers the animals of the African jungle, Tarzan realizes he has to somehow stop the mighty invader of his jungle What happens makes for some real slambang action It s no spoiler to say that we know Kong will be recaptured so he can make that date with destiny on top of the Empire State Building and For having a title that gives equal billing to its two jungle lords, it takes a remarkably long time for Tarzan to even be alluded to page 122 , never mind show up page 262 Prior to this the attention is largely on the logistics of actually getting Kong into the boat and keeping him alive yet docile on the way to his inevitable appointment on Doc Savage s doorstep not very cinematic, but interesting if you enjoy that sort of thing.
Once Lord Greystoke shows up the pace quickens considerably, though there s not much actual tension due to the aforementioned appointment The real interest is in seeing how Tarzan and Africa in general react to Kong, and vise versa Spoiler they don t get on.
KING KONG VS TARZAN is a solid work consciously written in the style of pulp fiction from the 1930 s It s a fun conceit to combine Kong and Tarzan in the same story Murray clearly knows the pulp genre well and the tone and dialogue of the characters in this pastiche are spot on Literature in this category succeeds based on plot movement and generally, the pacing is good though it does take over half the book to get Kong and Tarzan together In fact, much of the initial portion of the book is spent on a lengthy sea voyage a bit of trimming could have helped here However, overall this was an entertaining story told by an enthusiastic author Wonder if Murray is considering tackling other authors from the p I wanted to really like this bookbut that wasn t what happened I m hugely disappointed with it.
Let me start out by saying that I came to the book from the Tarzan side of the title Tarzan and Kong.
sounds like a great idea The sad thing is that Tarzan doesn t even arrive in the story until page 262.
and it s not for maybe another 50 pages that the Lord of the Apes even gets to interact with the characters that brought Kong to Africa.
What does happen is ENDLESS and multiple scenes talking about what to feed, how to feed, when to feed the sleeping Kong on the voyage from Skull Island Additionally, once we arrive at the shores of Eastern Africa and Kong escapes come on, is that really a spoiler we re shown almost countless expeditions where th This is of a Kong novel than a Tarzan novel, which is why it is called The Wild Adventures of King Kong The story takes place in between the final acts of the 1933 film, and it fits beautifully Will Murray has crafted another wonderful adventure novel and fans of both characters will enjoy the novel.

Perhaps the title should read The Story of King Kong also starring TarzanThe story of the Beast God Kong begins on a remote Indian Ocean island Skull Island There Kong is a giant ape the last of his kind and ruler of all he can see The humans on Skull Island have built a great wall to keep Kong away from their village There is a gate in the wall used to make offerings of a young woman to the beast god.
When the crew of the good ship Wanderer follow the mad plans of Carl Denham to this unknown paradise, Ann Darrow becomes Kong s plaything First Mate Jack Driscoll leads the party to reclaim Ann from her horrible fate As Kong pursues Ann, Denam makes his move.
He has brought gas bombs and mercy bullets filled with knockout drugs He becomes fixated on bringing Kong back to America as The Eighth Wonder of the World Denham follows only one law his own.
Unable to return thr This is a tough review to write I m so conflicted I enjoyed this book, a lot But it drove me crazy in many ways This book happens in between the capture of Kong on Skull Island, and his fateful arrival in New York As others have said in their reviews, Tarzan isn t even mentioned until over 100 pages in And he does not show up in the story until page 262.
The books goes into GREAT DETAIL about just how Kong was transported from the island, onto the ship GREAT DETAIL Page after page it seems And much detail is given to how they tried to feed him, and also keep him sedated as well MUCH DETAIL But the book is well written, and the love for the characters is well evident If you are a Tarzan fan, as opposed to a King Kong fan, you may be a tad disappointed.
The Tarzan scenes are great they did a wonderful job bringing

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