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✓ Kingdom of Ashes ô Download by ✓ Rhiannon Thomas Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and EdelweissI want you as an ally,This was an interesting story, and I liked the dragons I liked Aurora in this book, she seemed much stronger, and determined, and actually took charge instead of allowing other people to make decisions for her.
The storyline in this started out with Aurora fleeing, burning down the odd village accidentally , and eventually escaping to another kingdom We then got dragons And Aurora learning a bit about her magic and its connection to the dragons also We had the evil witch show up, and a little bit of romance thrown in there too, and I did prefer this book to the first book in the series.
The ending to this was pretty good, and this looks like the end of the road for this series.
Und sicher erkennst du jetzt, wie heikel die Magie sein kann Wieso eine Hexe nicht zwangsl ufig b se ist, wenn ihr Zauber schlimme Folgen hat 2,25 SterneZun chst war ich fasziniert von der Idee, zu erfahren was Dornr schen wohl erlebt, als sie nach 100 Jahren aufwacht Diese Version jedoch Uff Ich habe gef hlt ewig f r dieses Buch gebraucht und es konnte mich einfach nicht fesseln, ich war immer leicht abzulenken, konnte es jederzeit sehr gut aus der Hand legen Und dabei liebe ich Drachen Wer ist wohl meine Favoritin bei Game Of Thrones Richtig, die Mother of Dragons , aber der Aspekt konnte mich leider letztendlich nicht berzeugen Ich wollte dieses Buch m gen Wirklich Es war auch nicht so schlimm, wie es h tte sein k nnen Es hatte durch This was much stronger than the first one It did drag for the first part of it, but then there were dragons and everything was better Aurora is intriguing in this book She s got magic and I was kept interested in reading her learn how to control it Finnegan is as much fun as before, possibly even , and I loved their scenes together Did I mention there were dragons Yeah, there are and they re awesome Aurora s connection with them may have been the best part of the entire book The ending was satisfying, but I m curious if there will be one story If there isn t, I m good If there is, I will absolutely read it Huge thanks to Harper Teen and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review Copy provided by publisherA fantasy that I would have loved at thirteen, but found difficult to engage with at my old age, after sixty years of indefatigable reading.
The pluses Aurora and Finnegan, a delightful pair, determined to cure the dragon problem besetting Finnegan s kingdom A feisty heroine, a quirky hero, and dragons are a big plus Add in Aurora s dragon magic, which gave her power that would have been a sure fire hit for me at thirteen.
But I am a visual reader, and the world building was so cartoonish that I found it difficult to engage deeply with the story, making it easy to put down and to skim through the predictable bits The occasional grammatical oopses didn t help I will pass this copy to my grand niece, who is exactly the right age to enjoy it.
Kingdom Ashes is the final book in this duology and I hate to say it, but although it was very unsatisfying, I m glad This book was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016 and I m so so soooooo disappointed I m going to try to keep this very short as I don t like to ramble about things I didn t like Here I go Generally, I just had a lot of problems with the main character And this is what mostly ruined the book for me She had zero character development She kept doing dangerous things and placing herself in unneeded danger without thinking about the consequences Her general train of thoughts was mostly likeCould it destroy the whole city or kill me Yes maybe Hmmm, but I m important and I think that s a fantastic idea, so I m definitely going to risk it, yay Geez, the amount of See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from YA books Central for review.
Diversity Rating NA admittedly because I can t remember Y all know I m all about feminism and not all that here for fantasy For some reason, the two clash often than I d like thanks to copy of a copy fantasies that overdo it on the patriarchies see Defy by Sara B Larson, The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons and I d rather not choose WHY NOT BOTH FEMINISM AND original FANTASY Well, A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas gave me both last year and I loved every page of it Of course I d hunt down a copy of the sequel aka I got one from my lovely friend Dahlia and then ended up with a second copy from YA books Central The plot driven, discovering the truth nature of Kingdom of Ashes will do a great deal for readers who Asleep For A Hundred Years, Awoken By A Kiss Aurora S Life Was Supposed To Be A FairytaleBut Since Discovering That Loyalty To The Crown And Loyalty To Her Country Are Two Very Different Things, Aurora Knows She Can Only Dream Of Happily Ever After Once The Enchanted Princess, Savior Of Her People, She Is Now Branded A TraitorAurora Is Determined To Free Her Home From The King S Tyrannical Rule, Even If It Means Traveling Across The Sea To The Kingdom Of The Handsome And Devious Prince Finnegan Someone Who Seems To Know Far About Her Magic Than He Should However, Finnegan S Kingdom Has Perils Of Its Own, And Any Help He Gives Aurora Will Come At A PriceAs Aurora And Finnegan Work Together To Harness Her Power Something So Fiery And Dangerous That Is As Likely To Destroy Those Close To Aurora As It Is To Save Them She Begins To Unravel The Mysteries Surrounding The Curse That Was Placed On Her Over A Century Before And Uncover The Truth About The Destiny She Was Always Meant To FulfillBrimming With Captivating Fantasy And Life Threatening Danger, The Sequel To A Wicked Thing Takes Sleeping Beauty On An Adventure Unlike Any She S Ever Had Before InkvotaryAn action filled story with a touch of romance and many very bloody and cruel scenes I am not sure what to think of this book It was a bit better than the first one But still not really mine An open end, a princess who doesn t know what she wants, and a lot of guessing If you are expecting a nice fairy tale here, you are wrong Not sure if I can recommend it.
So this was a bit meh It felt a bit like the sequel that the author realized she wanted to write when she had almost finished writing the first book Even though the first book ended on a real cliffhanger and you wanted this book, it did not live up to the expectations In my opinion a lot of the lose threads from book one were wrapped up and finished about a third into this book and then it was just mini stories to fill the time until we got to the final bit.
There were good bits, mind, and I still like the characters and the world, but it could have been further developed A lot of the details were blurred and skipped and gods, I love me some details and focus was put on the romance Yes, it s a fairy tale, but what I liked about the first book was that Aurora was very much not the fairy tale s Sleeping Beauty She s I d like to thank Harper Teen for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or review.
Going into this book, I will say I ha to read a few reviews of and the blurb from the first book to re familiarize myself with the story I remember liking the first book but not loving it So I went into this book with a bit of trepidation because second books in a series do not always live up to what we want I should have had no fear at all This book far surpassed it s predecessor both in content and in writing.
If you haven t read the first book in this series, I cannot promise there won t be spoilers in this review So stop here if you don t want to know anything Otherwise, continue on and see why it is I adored this book so much.
The story picks up where it left off Aurora has fled Alyssinia after realizing

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