ç Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks ✓ Download by ë Fiona Goble

ç Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks ✓ Download by ë Fiona Goble No squirrels But really cute patterns for children I just need to figure out how to upsize the hedgehog mittens.
mostly all the patterns seem to be variations of the same pattern just with a few changes to color and embellishments a good book for a beginner to start on complex patterns.
Knit Your Own Animal Accessories With These Fun And Colorful Patterns From Fiona Goble Everyone Loves Animals, And Now You Can Add Them To Your Wardrobe With This Fun And Fluffy Collection Of Animal Scarves, Mitts, And Socks To Knit Whether You Like The Bright Colors Of Tropical Frogs And Fish, Or You Prefer The Cuddly Softness Of A Koala Or A Rabbit, You Will Find Your Favorite Creature Here With Simple Stitches, Full Instructions For Making Up, And Clear Photographs To Illustrate The All Important Details, You Can Pick Up Your Needles And Knit A Menagerie In No Time Of all the child oriented knitting books I ve seen, this contains the most practical seeming and attractive looking collection of patterns yet They re not sophisticated, but they ARE reliably cute.
Very cute There are so many variations No matter what your little one s favorite animals are, you will be able to knit them something cute Pretty good book for child patterns Very good illustrations for the newbie Helpful tips for the beginner Notedly there were two patterns that interested me alligator and a piggy scarf A really GREAT BOOK

Really enjoyed this one Great patterns that can be adapted to make each one unique The patterns are easy to follow and can be adapted for adults very easily with a little know how When making the dog scarf I added a tongue, which my cousin loved.
i bought this specifically to make the shark scarf and i DID and it looks GREAT i am very excited the patterns themselves are very simple and good for beginners, a lot of these looked like great first projects, especially the scarves the stitches are usually simple stockinette or garter, it s all about the the shaping to make it into the animal i think these patterns are great starting points and will work great with personal alterations as well the back of the book has a guide to the basics of knitting, embroidery, etc so this would make a great book for someone just learning.
Adorable accessories, though mostly for kids Most are very simple shapes and colors, good for intrepid beginners I was looking for something wearable for the ironic adult Good for inspiration.

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