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[ Read Online Lab Rats é 12th-century PDF ] by Dan Lyons é I was not a fan of Disrupted, but Lab Rats really impressed me Lyons uses concise, accessible language to describe complex concepts without straying into oversimplification territory I particularly liked his four point summary in the introduction it frames the rest of the book beautifully, and helps the reader keep all the details straight The way he observes that Silicon Valley isinterested in what works for machines than in what works for humans is especially apt, and that comparison helps explain why management styles of today prioritize efficiency over employee retention, making us all miserable for no good reason.
The only criticism I have is the way Lyons paints the 1980 s tech scene with rose coloured nostalgia Visions of tech CEOs lounging casually in hot tubs, drinking and making deals might seem ideal to so Working as a software engineer for 30 years, I can relate to some of the new management concepts covered in this book I agree with the author that many are fads that companies follow that really don t have any lasting benefit to their organizations, and that continual change for the sake of change results in unhappy employees which in turn hurts organizations.
I have long thought that for public companies that have three tiers of constituents to satisfy employees, customers, shareholders , that the best structure is to put employees first, and in doing so you will then have satisfied customers, and in turn have a successful organization that then benefits shareholders Unfortunately, as depicted in the earlier sections of the book, there are too many organizations that put a heavy focus first on shareholders, and as a result, hurt their organizations.
I was glad to see som Personality Tests Team Building Exercises Forced Fun Desktop Surveillance Open Plan Offices Acronyms Diminishing Job Security Hot Desking Pointless Perks HackathonsIf Any Of The Above Sound Familiar, Welcome To The Modern Economy In This Hilarious, But Deadly Serious Book, Bestselling Author Dan Lyons Looks At How The World Of Work Has Slowly Morphed From One Of Unions And Steady Career Progression To A Dystopia Made Of Bean Bags And Unpaid Internships And That S The Good JobsWith The Same Wit That Made Disrupted An International Bestseller, Lyons Shows How The Hypocrisy Of Silicon Valley Has Now Been Exported Globally To A Job Near You Even Low Grade Employees Are Now Expected To View Their Jobs With A Cult Like Fervour, Despite Diminishing Prospects Of Promotion From The Gig Economy To The New Digital Oligarchs, Lyons Deliciously Roasts The New Work Climate, While Asking What Can Be Done To Recoup Some Sanity And Dignity For The Expanding Class Of Middle Class Serfs The author is a writer and business journalist He wrote a book Disrupted two years ago which chronicled his time spent with an Internet startup he joined after being laid off at Newsweek I enjoyed the book and thought it an insightful and humorous memoir of changes in the workplace in light of the spread of the Internet economy There are, of course, lots of these books around but Lyons provided a look at a much hyped development as someone who both knew how to write and who was familiar with older styles of workplace management My major issue with the book had been sorting out the general aspects of what Mr Lyons was reporting from the particular aspects of his experience as a participant in his own story.
After reading his new book, I should not have worried about that.
Lab Rats is an extended reflection on the deterioration of the workplace in re Kinda depressing You already knew it happened out there in the real technology and startup world, but still, reading about it was uneasy.
About the book, I would rate it somewhere between 3 and 4 I was hesitant for a while but then put 4 for it My problem with it, and the way author Dan Lyons expressed his ideas was there was so much negative energy Looked like the author exaggerated lots of things and was angry with everything Not only in these recent days, at some big unicorn tech companies that CEOs bosses investors treat workers like shit, it has been happened since, maybe forever And blaming Silicon Valley for being the one who started it was just unfair and absurd.
The last part of the book is better It provides and suggests some ways companies can do to make workers and employees life better It would be good ifandfollow that cult To be sure a phrase that introduces many paragraphs in this book , I never expected Dan Lyons latest to be as good as Disrupted which was based on first person stories, and devastating humor and satire This book isof a research project, with hyperbolic claims made about the impact of certain blog posts, published opinion pieces and Powerpoint presentations I think the truth isgray, considering, for example, how even best places to work rankings are influenced by PR and pay to play considerations I think Lyons is a wonderful writer and a thoughtful critic In this book, he addresses important topics It s a worthwhile read but, to be sure, it s no Disrupted or Options.
I read three books in succession and each did well for what their authors set out as their goals Augmented Life in the Smart Lane is the Utopian version of where technology is taking us Lab Rats How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us provides the Dystopian view While Humans Need Not Apply A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence contains thenuanced approach The wonder of technology is that all three versions are probably correct.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Lyons He used to work for Newsweek but tried to work for a tech company when he was retrenched There was so much positive feedback from people for his first book Disrupted that he realised his experience is not unique Why are we Lab Rats of Silicon Valley Lyons laid out the villains 1 Frederick Taylor, who proposed scientific management So he timed every action in the pig iron factory Unfortunately the story is a fraud, a fabrication So workers become a process that are managed 2 Milton Friedman, who said that the duty of a corporation is only to maximise shareholder profit 3 The internetAdding all 3 together, profit is most important, and workers should be treated as badly as possible to minimise cost, a

Boy if there was ever a book every kid planning a career in tech should read this is it, and for a lot of folks in tech, this book suggests you are all idiots for putting up with the amount of abuse a bunch of rich dot com losers are handing out This book will piss you off because it is well researched, points out that way too many tech leaders are flim flam artists and way too many of us are the suckers The result isn t trivial either depression, suicides, divorces all avoidable are the result If there is a book that you should read this fall, Lab Rats is it.
What use is outrage Outrage is motivating It can be unifying It can even be inspiring With a little discipline, it can power you enough to produce a first draft of a book After the first draft, the outrage must be controlled, limited, and shaped if you wish to address anyone other than people you agree with already, or motivate people to participate in a constructive response.
This book has an outrage issues.
It disappointed me because the things that the author is outraged about are, well, outrageous Some examples Hard won improvements to the quality of life of the average person like health insurance, pensions, and weekends , wrestled from the clutches of the greedy rich a generation or two ago at the cost of life and freedom for many,

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