Trailer µ Lady Anne's Lover PDF by í Maggie Robinson

Trailer µ Lady Anne's Lover PDF by í Maggie Robinson Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont Has Appeared In The Scandalous Pages Of The London List Often Enough The Reading Public Is So Bored With Her Nonsense, She Couldn T Make News Now Unless She Took A Vow Of Chastity But Behind Her Naughty Hijinks Is A Terrible Fear It S Time The List Helped Her With A Quick Scan Through Its Job Postings And A Few Whacks At Her Ridiculous Name, She S Off To Keep House For A Bachelor Veteran As Plain Anne MontMajor Gareth Ripton Jones Is Dangerously Young And Handsome On The Face Of It, But After Losing His Love And His Arm In Short Order, He Is Also Too Deep In His Cups To Notice That His Suspiciously Young Housekeeper Is Suspiciously Terrible At Keeping House Until, That Is, Her Sharp Tongue And Her Burnt Coffee Penetrate Even His Misery And The Charm Underneath Surprises Them Both Trust The Worst Cook In Wales To Propose A Most Unexpected Solution To His Troubles This is a book I won from Goodreads Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont has a notorious past but for good reason When trying to escape her past and her abusive father she goes to work for Major Gareth Ripton Jones who also is trying to escape the loss of his arm and the woman he loved Together they find the solution to their troubles and a great love story ensues A wonderfully written story that I found hard to put down I cannot wait to read novels by Maggie Robinson.
My first Maggie Robinson read Wow What a little gem this is Was really impressed with the writing quality and attention to detail Superb Very well rounded flawed characters And very realistic portrayal of alcohol addiction and the PTSD dealings of a sexually abused victim Very real, the author captured every nuance on the page beautifully So much so that I wanted to take the hero and heroine and hug them to my chest Really well done I d definitely recommend this to HR fans, Lisa Kleypas fans in particular who like dark gritty stories with a passionate couple I couldn t help but see some similarities between Gareth and Annie with Evie and St Vincent from Devil in Winter my babies 3 Not just in physical traits but characterizations as well You have a stammering flame haired freckled beauty who tames a brooding handsome rakish ex soldier wh

A fairly well done regency with dashes of humor, sweetness and yes, some icky business view spoiler The plot is good A misunderstood, scandalous miss flees her vile parent to hide till she reaches her majority and inheritance and thus, freedom She answers an ad for a housekeeper to an ex soldier in the wilds of Wales If she s a fraud and with no talent or inclination for housekeeping or even cooking, then her employer is a bigger disappointment a slovenly drunk with a crumbling establishment that she has to put to right somehow.
The H is a disabled soldier one armed licking his physical wounds not of war, no, nothing so heroic but a fall from the roof and the disagreeable wounds caused by his unfaithful lady love ex fiancee, since dead And not to forget the cloud of suspicion of her Starts out fine, ends as a ridiculous mess.

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