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[Eliza Knight] Û Laird of Shadows (MacDougall Legacy Book 1) [graphic-non-fiction PDF] Read Online ì When Darkness Falls Only True Love Can Save ThemBeiste MacDougall Has Only Just Found Himself As Laird Of His Clan After A Brutal Attack From Vikings Leaves His Father Slain On The Night Of His Sire S Death, A Beautiful Woman Comes To His Castle Begging For Help, Calling Upon A Vow Their Clans Had Made Years Before Though He D Rather Wallow In His Pain, Beiste Is Tempted By The Lass, The Secrets She Holds, And The Chance At Retribution She Brings Lady Elle Cam B Al Is Desperate To Save Her Brother And Her Clan From The Vile Clutches Of Her Viking Enemies But There Is Only One Man Who Can Help Her, A Handsome, Provocative Laird With A Beastly Temper When He Locks Her In A Chamber, She Is Visited By An Apparition, And Left With A Secret That Changes Her Destiny Elle Must Figure Out A Way To Accept Her Fate, But Also Forge A Future Of Her Own Choosing As Battles And Treachery Rain Down Upon Them, Beiste And Elle Find Unlikely Allies In Each Other, And A Few Stolen Moments Of Passion That Bring Light From The Shadows A Much Smaller, Novella Length Version Of This Story Appeared originally In The Once Upon A Haunted Castle Anthology This Extended Version Is Twice The original Size Scotland has a history filled with many myths, legends, tales of mysterious magical happenings, beliefs in the old gods as well as the new, and a touch of mischief thrown in by the Fae, is the perfect place to find an exciting, unexpected romance between the brooding, hunky, Warrior and a feisty, stubborn lass Laird of Shadows is Book 1 of the MacDougal Legacy, a new series written by Eliza Knight Her characters are always well developed, interesting and authentic and the plot holds your interest If you enjoy Scottish romances with a touch of mystery and magic, you should enjoy reading this book It is easy to recommend this book because you won t want to put down.
Laird of ShadowsNordic TerrorFive Amazing StarsI was absolutely excited to now read the first book, of this most wonderful exciting adventure, MacDougall Legacy Written by the amazing Eliza Knight I was thrilled to enjoy this most wonderful new Scottish ancient tale.
When Elle Cam beal gazed deeply into her her mother, A ma eyes and around the room She had been fixing her fathers s warrior fighting uniform When Elle feared with her body still shaken When she heard the loud noise As her mother grabbing her close telling her to keep away from the window Get your brother, Erik and hide him somewhere safe Poor Elle was frightened She didn t know what was happening now Amma now must prove that her children aren t here That Elle is already married and their son no longer with them.
Hearing the horn so loudly once again Amma t

This bad boy was a kinda a quick little read and pretty fast paced It literally grabbed you from the very beginning and holds you until the end I think this is my second book by this author but this one had a much different feel to it Where I remember the first being a littlelighthearted this one had aaggressive feel to it, but not overly aggressive, just enough to make it different This was also had a paranormal aspect to it which was a nice little turn, although I feel we kinda got left hanging where that area was concerned Right from the beginning Elle is thrown into a predicament that will effect her future forever, when her mothers Viking kin show up to to seek revenge and take what they thought was due to them It s up to Elle to save her brother and herself and make it to the neighboring MacDougall Clan where she has been assured she will given refugee and assistance After a brutal attack from the Vikings, which leave Beiste MacDougall the laird of his clan On that very night, a beautiful woman comes to his castle begging for help, calling upon a vow their clans had made years before Lady Elle Cam beal is desperate to save her brother and her clan from the vile clutches of her Viking enemies There is only one man who can help her, a handsome provocative laird with a beastly temper When her locks her in a chamber, she has a visit from the other side, giving her a secret that will change her destiny, she must figure out a way to accept it As battles and treachery rain upon them, Beiste and Elle find unlikely allies in each other and a few stolen moments of passion that will

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