☆ The First Summer (Lake Emerald Chronicles #1) ☆ Download by ¹ Melissa Adams

☆ The First Summer (Lake Emerald Chronicles #1) ☆ Download by ¹ Melissa Adams Lord this Can t wait for I hope the next book is out soon Please people, give this book a chance, it s awesome Fiction works when the writer takes us into a world we don t know and we meet characters who appear full bloodied and step fully formed from the page Melissa Adams achieves this with a flourish as we travel to a teenage summer camp where Clary, just sixteen, has a crush on Joel.
We can feel the teenage angst as Clary takes that thrilling journey from being a child to the world of adulthood with its intrigues, irony and innuendo Is she ready The tingling sensations running through her say yes and the way Joel s eyes now fall on her makes her realise she is not mistaken.
It s a truism that the ways of love never run smooth More so for the teenager who suddenly discovers that she has not one admirer but two Joel and his best friend Xander Then there s Austin, older, worldly not a triangle, but a four sided box from which Clary suddenly realises there is no es Trigger Warning Clary Is And She S Never Been Kissed Every Summer She Goes To Summer Camp At Lake Emerald Where She Reunites With Her BFFs Brie And Hazel Camp Gets Her Away From Her Super Strict Parents In LA And She Can T Wait To See Her Epic Crush Joel Joel Doesn T Even Know Her Name And She Has Been Adoring Him From Afar For Two Summers But This Year, Clary Has Legit Boobs And She S All Grown Up, So Will Joel Finally Notice Her She Also Meets Annoying But Hot Xander, Who Is Joel S Best Friend And Loves Embarrassing Clary With Snide Remarks And His Unwavering Sarcasm Logan Is An Old Friend Who Is Also All Grown Up And This Year Wants Than Being Just Friends So Clary Finds Herself Involved With Two Boys And Things Are Heating Up, From A First Kiss To A First Orgasm And If You Add To The Mix Xander S Older, Sexy Cousin Austin Things Are Sure To Get Complicated Clary Knows She Has To Make A Choice And Agonises About It, While Going From One Heated Exchange To Another With Her Boys But What If The Boys Knew And She Didn T Have To Make A Choice What If It Was Possible To Love Three Or Even Four Boys At Once And They Agreed To Share What If Someone Else Had Noticed And Started Sending Clary Malicious, Threatening Notes With Photos Of Her Romantic Encounters Add Some Random Attacks In The Woods Surrounding Camp And The Suspicions Start Who Is Doing This The Resident Mean Girls Lucy, Hayley And Leah The Bad Boys Rob And Justin Joel S Girlfriend Mad Southern Belle Jemma This Will Be A Summer Of Love, Sex, Discovery, Fun And Danger For Clary, Her Boys And Her Friends MehSeriously I love RH novels One of my favorite sub genres even the teen young adult ones From slow medium burn to steamy, I like it all However my number one rule is you have to have a well developed characters and plot.
This was basically none of that, just a teenage sex book The plot was underdeveloped and the writing sub par Clary was just annoying and most of the supporting characters were extreme and over the top The guys have insta lust to insta love Xander and Logan were fine in the beginning, but became so underwhelming as the story progressed Joel was just a womanizer, though a good sounding board I guess He ironically had the most depth out of all of the characters Now I did not mind that they were 18 and Clary 16 I did have an issue with Austin being a 20 year old college grad pining after some junior in high school I cannot get beyond that when Well, I m not sure what I expected but I really enjoyed this book It did have moments where it felt a bit over the top in how the big focus of the relationships building was the very frequent physical interactions And than once I wanted to slap some of the female characters But the plot did thicken Not sure it answered some very big questions Namely, who specifically was sending the notes And what exactly did the guys plan for the winter They seemed pretty adamant they would see her but all we got in this book was trust us A bit frustrating Overall enjoyable though.
DNF %17I don t understand the ratings of this book This was HORRIBLE They don t go to summer camp, they go to sex camp Kids and kids, supervisors and supervisors, kids and supervisors The age doesn t matter at all, everyone s only thinking about f ing everyone.
And let s not start with the heroine Superficial and only thinking about boys like everyone elseLogan is a little blonde kid, about a year younger than us, who was following me everywhere last summer like a sick love puppy and wouldn t get the hint that I wasn t into future high school freshmen.
Remember that our heroine is 16 and Logan is 15 He s one of the harem guys.
Let s continueI almost choke I mean, that smile I remember how annoying it was when he followed me Loved it Couldn t put it down till I was done Have to see what happens next Seriously hope the asshats and beioches get what s coming to them If you read it you will find out who I m talking bout.
FantasticLoved this book a fantastic first book to what looking like great series , loved the characters , a fantastic whychoose book

AnnoyingOmg I couldn t get past the first few pages I rarely write bad reviews because I was raised believing that if you don t have anything nice to say, don t say anything I was just really annoyed with the characters from the beginning I am so sorry but, it s a do not read for me.
FREE on today 9 2 2018 Blurb Clary is 16 and she s never been kissed Every summer she goes to Summer Camp at Lake Emerald where she reunites with her BFFs Brie and Hazel Camp gets her away from her super strict parents in LA and she can t wait to see her epic crush Joel Joel doesn t even know her name and she has been adoring him from afar for two summers But this year, Clary has legit boobs and she s all grown up, so will Joel finally notice her She also meets annoying but hot Xander, who is Joel s best friend and loves embarrassing Clary with snide remarks and his unwavering sarcasm Logan is an old friend who is also all grown up and this year wants than being just friends So Clary finds herself involved with two boys and things are heating up, from a first kiss to a first orgasm And if you add to the mix Xander s older, sexy c

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