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ó Lascivious ☆ Download by  Shea Swain Alternate Cover Edition BNRNJQReece, A Good Guy With A Sweet Chunk Of Bad Boy Mixed In, Was Hot As Hell But To Lilly, Reece Was Just Reece To See Him As Anything Else Was Silly He Would Always Be Her Older Brother S Annoying Best Friend That Was Until The Day Reece Had Carried Her To Her Bedroom, Lost His Balance, And His Fingers Slipped Under Her Loose Shorts, And Into Her Panty Less Crotch For Lilly, It Had Awakened And Confirmed Her Darkest Desires She Wanted When Lilly Was Left In His Care, Reece Had The Best Intentions Of Being A Responsible Big Brother , And He Had Done A Great Job For Reece, The Slip Up Or Was It Slip In Had Changed Everything Over The Years Lilly Had Grown From An InnocentYear Old Into AnYear Old Wet Dream Walking She Had Already Been Skating On The Edge Of His Self Control, Wearing Little To Nothing Around The House One Accidental But Red Hot Touch And Reece Had To Release While Conjuring An Image Of Lilly Naked And Beneath Him How In The Hell Was He Going To Resist Little Lilly Now, When He Wanted Inside Her So Badly ComeTaste A Sample Warning Mature Content And Language Not Intended For Anyone UnderYears Of Age All Characters Are Years Or Older Lilly as a young child lost a lot at a young age, in a car accident she loses her parents and he only brother Only being 13 yrs old her brothers Best Friend Reece becomes her guardian It s just them and now years later Lilly is ready to show Reece she s not a child any and wants to show him she is in love with him One night she takes matters in her own hands and gives of her body to Reece, since then he is guilt ridden and feels he took advance of her Lilly is determined to show him just how wrong he is There are twist and turns in the story So get ready and enjoy the ride Congratulations to author Shea Swain on her first book.
Received ARC for honest review by Bookalicious Babes Blog Lascivious is a woman s wet dreama fantasy come to life with M M F and F F M fun If you want a hot panty melting time, this story will satisfy that urge andHothothot I would love to have read this book in first person POV alternating between Lilly and Reece as I think it would have made the bookpowerfulconnecting the readerto the characters Good first novella by Shea Swain 4 super sizzling stars Loved this erotica novella Talk about hot Once I started reading, I couldn t put it down This is a hot, spicy story, with a touch of mystery that makes you wonder what is going to happen next, who is going to end up with who then this book is for you I highly recommend it if you like steamy, sexy scenes with a plot that keeps you guessing.
To be honest this is not normally the type of book I read.
but I started reading this book with an open mind and got totally blown away within the first few pages it had my attention, so much so that I didn t want to put it down I got very wrapped up in the story line and was surprised of the outcome.
I thought someone was heading for heartache.
how wrong could I be Life had been hard on poor Lily but I m glad she got her happy ending SO to wrap this up a tragic situation, 2 steaming hot males, a young beautiful woman whatcould a book need I don t usually like novellas because you don t get enough story This one had enough background info to give you the full picture It was semi taboo no blood relations involved , which made it even better This was like a fantasy come to life It took real life situations and molded them into what you may only wish could happen It is Erotica, so keep an open mind The sex was hot and done well Every chapter makes you feel something I hate to give away the story, so I ll just say if I lived with a man like Reece and had Gavin in my life as well this is how I wish it would end up Happy reading.
Let me start by saying that I m giving this book a 4.
5 stars not a 4 I loved this book even tho its a novella and I definitely needof Reece and Lily and Gavin This book is well written and I loved the twist that brought Gavin into the mix I didn t however care for the Blair part hence my half star I felt like she wasn t needed Overall a fabulous first book for Shea I m eagerly awaiting the next one I was giving this book for an honest review.
Whew I am still out of breath reading this and you will too Although I strongly suggest you have a partner handy, toyssomething Lily and Reece together through unfortunate circumstances but have managed to become close almost like familybut not quite Lily sets out to seduce Reese and when she doesall hell breaks loose But in a good way This is every man s fantasy and probably some women too Loved this book and can t wait to readfrom this author.
Spoilers ahead I decided to buy this book because I have seen Shea s name a lot lately and I was curious I don t actually know if there are any other books out there yet by Shea but this is the only one onI was extremely impressed with this book I honestly didn t know what to expect but what I got wasn t it There were many twists to the story that kept me guessing as to what was going to happen I was thrown for a loop when Reese wanted to kill himself after having sex with Lilly and that he almost succeeded if not for Gavin I really didn t like the way he treated Lilly afterwards though, how he was downright cold to her so often, how he kept making her cry I guess it helped make the story but it just seemed so awful to me I wasn t surprised when her and Gavin slept together however I was shocked when he left and never came back again The way the book was going I figu Lasciviousby Shea SwainI found this book in equal portions both repulsive and fascinating It left me feeling like a voyeur guilty and somehow sullied.
I am sure that this book will find an audience with many people but for me personally I found the subject matter too controversial Sadly because I have read another book by this author which I rated 5 5 I rate this book 1I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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