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↠´ Read ↠´ Lawman Daddy (English Edition) by Mary Wehr ✓ I enjoyed this historic romance Overall Riley was a very likeable character Though she had her moments of brattiness, for the most part it was her kindness that shone through Jim was a nice mix of stern yet gentle, especially with Riley In addition to the two main characters the author managed to create a whole community of both likeable and not so likeable characters to support the story.
The story flowed really well with a nice mix of romance, mystery and suspense The author pulled me in from the beginning and the story stayed strong right through the end I ve read a few books from this author and look forward to reading from her in the future.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Good story line This book was packed full of interesting characters,action,heartache,emotions,grief,danger,anger,intrigue and everything that kept me from putting this book down.
I was captivated from the first page and savoured every moment,every minute up until the very last page.
The characters were so well developed and woven into the storyline which made me want to know who they were.
I loved the historical,western feel,an era where men took control and there was no such thing as women s rights.
18 year old Riley Prescott s life was in turmoil,her world tipped upside down by the death of her grandparents.
Riley s father, knowing that he had made many enimies in his life,had made provisions to protect her.
Riley soon finds herself on the way to a new life in a strange town called Harmony.
Marshall Jim Wade is Riley s new guardian,a task he

I loved this book I haven t come Ross a book Mary has written that I haven t liked You need to buy this today As Far As Eighteen Year Old Orphan Riley Prescott Is Concerned, She Is A Grown Woman Who Can Look Out For Herself, And She Is Furious To Discover That Her Late Fathers Will Stipulates That She Remain In The Care Of A Guardian Until She Marries Or Reaches The Age Of Twenty One To Make Matters Worse, Her Guardian Turns Out To Be Jim Wade, The New Marshal Of The Town Of Harmony, Texas, And The Stern, Infuriatingly Sexy Lawman Is Dead Set On Taking Her Very Firmly In HandIt Doesnt Take Jim Long To Realize That His Sassy, Disobedient Ward Is In Desperate Need Of Strict Correction, And When Riley Puts His Warnings To The Test He Does Not Hesitate To Bare Her Bottom And Spank Her Soundly But Even With Her Cheeks Blushing And Her Backside On Fire, Riley Cannot Help Wondering What It Would Be Like To Belong To Jim, And Soon She Is Calling Him DaddyThough He Worries He Is Taking Advantage Of His Authority Over Her, Jim Cannot Stand The Thought Of Another Man Courting Riley, And Before Long He Decides To Make Her His Wife And Claim Her Properly Surrendering Her Beautiful, Virgin Body To Her New Husbands Masterful Lovemaking Proves Pleasurable Than Riley Ever Dreamed, But When She Is Kidnapped By A Local Ruffian Seeking Vengeance Against Jim, Can She Count On Her Lawman Daddy To Rescue His Little Girl Publishers Note Lawman Daddy Includes Spankings And Sexual Scenes If Such Material Offends You, Please Dont Buy This Book

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