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Download Epub Format ↠´ Le Cousin Pons PDF by ☆ Honoré de Balzac I was loving this, until a constant barrage of anti Semitic comments put me off You can see some of them in my updates, and I don t intend to go into it in detail here I am aware of the period he was writing in but that is no excuse.
Cousin Pons was Honor de Balzac s last great novel, and certainly his grimmest Picture to yourself an old bachelor named Sylvain Pons who, over the years, has collected a fortune in paintings and objects d art His sole vice was to eat out with distant relatives, including the Camusota When the latter break with him over some molehill of which they make into a mountain, Pons takes to his bed and never gets up from it again.
In the meantime, the value of his holdings, totaling as much as a million francs, comes to be known to his concierge and various allies whom she enlists, including a doctor named Poulain and a crooked lawyer named Fraisier, who conspire to get their hands on his collection, even if it means committing felonies to do so Pons s only friend is an elderly German musician named Schmucke, who lives with him, and who is de This Is A PreHistorical Reproduction That Was Curated For Quality Quality Assurance Was Conducted On Each Of These books In An Attempt To Remove books With Imperfections Introduced By The Digitization Process Though We Have Made Best Efforts The books May Have Occasional Errors That Do Not Impede The Reading Experience We Believe This Work Is Culturally Important And Have Elected To Bring The Book Back Into Print As Part Of Our Continuing Commitment To The Preservation Of Printed Works Worldwide 4.
5 stars I have jumped around quite a bit while reading Balzac s The Human Comedy, starting with The Unknown Masterpiece and Gambara, and then going back to what is probably his best known work, P re Goriot.
Last year was my year of Shakespeare This is my year of Proust I think that my next ambitious literary reading endeavor is to immerse myself in the entirety of Balzac s Human Comedy, that immense and impressive collection of nearly 100 works.
It is well known that Balzac had an addiction to coffee and consumed quantities of caffeine sufficient to keep a whale up for a fortnight estimates vary, but many suggest that he drank around 50 cups a day He also had a somewhat unusual technique of writing several stories and novels at the same time, perhaps a result of creativity in overdrive Some suggest that Balzac s addiction to coffee contributed to his untimely death The friendship of Pons and Schmucke is a moving one and raises questions of loyalty, faithfulness and tolerance Two aged musicians live together in Paris under Madame Cibot the concierge of their apartment building Pons is a collector of art and as amassed a valuable collection He is also a bit of a miser and glutton who has been eating dinner with his wealthy relatives for years They have a falling out and blacken his name wrongly after his attempt of being matchmaker for his cousins ugly daughter fails He then goes into decline with only his friend Schmucke a simple minded German with the devotion of a faithful dog People become aware of his wealth and the vultures begin to circle Other collectors, his rela For the past couple years I ve had a lot of trouble reading fiction It was like everything I read just fell flat I wondered if it was just that I had become such a skeptic in the rest of my life that I could no longer suspend disbelief enough to really buy into something make believe Now, I was going through a lot of crap personally, so lots of stress, and I don t know why that would inhibit my ability to escape into a story, but I thought maybe it did Whatever it was, I just ended up reading and enjoying a lotnonfiction and figured maybe I just couldn t do fiction any.
And then came Balzac Ahhhhhh Despite its ultimately sad and cynical outcome, this book was a joyous experience Luckily, La Com die humaine is massive and I should have enough enjoyable fiction to last me through the misery of law school Actually, n Balzac is a master of his art Only a master could make me so utterly despondent and depressed at the downfall of the main protagonist, Cousin Pons, and his best friend, Schumucke I adored them both as the two nutcrackers, despite their character flaws Balzac is not known for creating fictions personages, he endows them all with the realism of vice developed through a lifetime While Balzac portrayed Cousin Pons s lust for gourmet food which he obtained by visiting his local family at dinner time, making him a parasite to some as a flaw, he did such an exquisite job describing this desire that I eventually no longer saw it as a flaw at all which may have been Balzac s point One of the keenest pleasures in Pons s former mode of living indeed one of the real joys of a man who dines at other people s tables had been the Update 30 5 19This book is just so sad it hurts Second read Nothingto say except I want Cibot to diiiiiiiiiiiie I was so annoyed by this book, not because it is not good, but because most of the characters all of them except three depict corruption, greed They want to get money by all means, even if they have to strip someone they neither know nor understand I was so infuriated while I read Pons and Schmucke are children, naive and fond of each other Some scenes really moved me, and wanted to help them so much I don t tend to love Balzac s books, but he clearly has a talent to show human condition, the way humans can be wolves for each other This book was really depressing to me I so wanted the good side to win

One of the words to make an appearance in the OED s latest update is the acronym YOLO , which, the editors note,is traced back to its antecedent, the axiomatic you only live once first used in a nineteenth century English translation of Balzac .
Well who saw that coming Thanks to the magic of Google books you can see the relevant passage Or, comme les salaires de Cibot produisaient environ sept huit cent francs en moyenne par an, les poux se faisaient, avec leurs trennes, un revenu de seize cent francs, la lettre mang s par les Cibot qui vivaient mieux que ne vivent les gens du peuple On ne vit qu une fois disait la Cibot.
Coming soon how Elizabeth Gaskell coined FML.
This starts off strongly, just as I might expect with Balzac While this is in his duet he called Poor Relations , we learn almost immediately that Cousin Pons did not suffer what you and I might call poverty He was cash poor, perhaps, but had become a collector of small items of art, and those had appreciated immensely The Government sent Sylvain Pons to Rome to make a great musician of himself and in Rome Sylvain Pons acquired a taste for the antique and works of art He became an admirable judge of those masterpieces of the brain and hand which are summed up by the useful neologism bric a brac and when the child of Euterpe returned to Paris somewhere about the year 1810, it was in the character of a rabid collector, loaded with pictu

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