Download Epub Format ê Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't PDF by Ý Simon Sinek

Download Epub Format ê Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't PDF by Ý Simon Sinek The Highly Anticipated Follow Up To Simon Sinek S Global Bestseller Start With Why Simon Sinek Is An Optimist, A Visionary Thinker, And A Leader Of The Cultural Revolution Of WHY His Second Book Is The Natural Extension Of Start With Why, Expanding His Ideas At The Organizational Level Determining A Company S WHY Is Crucial, But Only The Beginning The Next Step Is How Do You Get People On Board With Your WHY How Do You Inspire Deep Trust And Commitment To The Company And One Another He Cites The Marine Corps For Having Found A Way To Build A Culture In Which Men And Women Are Willing To Risk Their Lives, Because They Know Others Would Do The Same For Them It S Not Brainwashing It S Actually Based On The Biology Of How And When People Are Naturally At Their Best If Businesses Could Adopt This Supportive Mentality, Employees Would Be Motivated To Take Bigger Risks, Because They D Know Their Colleagues And Company Would Back Them Up, No Matter What Drawing On Powerful And Inspiring Stories, Sinek Shows How To Sustain An Organization S WHY While Continually Adding People To The Mix I read the first seven chapters I just couldn t finish it Sinek has some really good points mixed in with pseudo science and weird assumptions The chapters should be titled 1 OOO RAH2 Don t be a dick3 Condescension4 Obvious AND oblivious5 My theories of Anthropology6 My theories of Biology7 Go Team DNF pg 61 about 30% While this didn t blow me away like Start With Why did, it did validate a lot of things I ve always hoped were true.
First, good leaders empower their teams to function on their own, and this often means that once leaders move on, continued or increased success isn t necessarily because you left rather because you were there.
I can think of a few groups I ve been involved in that did this, which makes me feel great.
Second, that team creation is the most important thing of leadership Recruiting and working with fantastically talented people means you ll be able to spendtime on things that matter.
Third, that the leaders we may have thought were leaders really were not, and that the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, while hard workers and excellent people, may have caused fardamage to our culture than we initially thought This surprised m I m disappointed with the goodreads reviewers They lead me astray with this one I feel like I just read one long string of business cliches strung with scientific definitions Is the author, Simon Sinek, profound in telling us that a company with a trusting, comfortable environment with intelligent, genuine and caring leaders will besuccessful than one without That seems obvious Sinek rebrands this idea as the Circle of Safety, an environment necessary for the well being of humans, a species who he says have survived due to superior communication and trust He does use interesting neurological theories about chemicals that control feeling and emotion to explain the best types of leadership and environments These chemicals, Sinek explains, were wired in us millions of years ago to allow our early ancestors to be better aware He also has i Started and ended well, but I didn t enjoy the middle as much With that said, it is still a worthy read, and here a few of my favorite takeaways Empathy is the single greatest asset to do your job If your actions inspire others to dream , learn , doand become , you are a leader It is not the genius at the top giving directions that make people great It is the great people that make the guy at the top look like a genius No one wakes up in the morning to go to work with the hope that someone will manage us We wake up in the morning and go to work with the hope that someone will lead us The problem is, for us to be led, there must be leaders we want to follow A supportive and well managed work environment is good for one s health Those who feel they havecontrol, who feel empowered to make decisions instead of waiting for approval suffer less stress Those only do God dang this is a good book I have to say, Sinek NAILED IT Sinek is a Brit, and therefor different than an American in an absolutely crucial way.
Like other British intellectuals, he s not afraid to integrate the evolutionary perspective into his theory and analysis.
Maybe it s because Charles Darwin is British Maybe it s because all of the super psycho religious fanatics came over here America circa 300 years ago Probably a little of both.
What ever the reason British intellectuals demonstrate a kind of ease when referring to evolution where as Americans tend to feel at least a little self conscious about dropping the E bomb in public.
If you re an American you know how polarizing Darwin s dangerous idea can be We sort of have Simon Sinek really inspire you into something big Following his initial great book Start With Why , he immensely added great value by discussing a crucial element into the success of any organization, and that is the environment atmosphere As it is titled, Why Some Teams Pull Together You have a team with great education and great skills but how they are pulled together into long term success Simon delves into biology, evolution, anthropology, history, psychology, sociology, economics and muchand share his insights.
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Truthfully, you are better served watching this brief TED Talk delivered by Simon Sinek himself Here book is bloated and unconvincing stretch of some already very simple ideas No need to tell me about the chemicals of human survival or studies with statistics out of context which are not representative in the least Meh Within this book, Sinek summaries my own experience reading his book This is no soapbox rambling It is just biology Actually, it is soapbox rambling.
Although unsurprising based on his background, Sinek writes from a heavily military oriented perspective I found myself needing to inject she , her , they , and their an awful lot because this book reads old fashioned It makes the female workforce somewhat invisible by omission.
Content I found useful A consumer is just that an abstraction of a person who we hope will consume whatever we have to offer It is not the abundance we need to manage or restrict, it is the abstraction Give authority to those closest to the information At 3M We never throw an idea away because you never know when someone else will need it Content that turned me off The world around us is filled with danger Filled with things trying to make our lives mi

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