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ñ Level Up ✓ Download by à Craig Anderson Simple, clean and funThis is not a deep book, but it is a fun book The writing is clean and flows very well, tight and fast you re carried along with little to no meandering or wandering aimlessly That doesn t allow for much introspection or exploration, but it makes for a fun read and the author supplies plenty of humor, game reality shenanigans, and moments of laugh out loud silliness to satisfy.
There was never a moment where I was worried about the main character, nor did I ever doubt he was going to win and get the girl, and the over all story was as straightforward as they get but at the same time, there was never a moment where I wasn t enjoying the ride and looking forward, often with real curiously, to what would come next.
Highly enjoy This is the first time I ve read any Lit RPG I ve seen Ready Player One, but not read it This book was really fun.
After a freak accident, Marcus finds himself trapped between the real world and a video game Normal rules have ceased to apply and video game rules are important Marcus has to Level Up and defeat the big boss at the end of the game in order to save the real world from imploding.
I enjoyed the jokes The pivot tables made me laugh a lot This is a a fun and interesting quest style book set inside a video game It was good fun.
Virtual Is Reality What Would The World Be Like If Video Game Rules Suddenly Applied Marcus Is About To Find Out After A Freak Accident He Finds Himself Stuck Between A Game And The Real World He Ll Need To Fight His Way Through Football Hooligans, Carnies And The Dreaded RNG To Get To The Final Boss And Save The World Anything Less Means It S Game Over For Good Along The Way He Ll Learn New Skills, Chase Epic Loot And Most Importantly Of All, Level Up If You Love Light LitRPG You Ll Be Sure To Enjoy This Humourous Take On The Genre Grab Your Copy Now It was a fun light read.
I haven t read a lot of LitRPG but I plan to.
The beginning was a bit of a slow uninteresting start but it soon picked up and stayed fast paced all the way.
Overall I gave it 4 stars it s really closer to 3 because it does what it means to perfectly which is a Light LitRPG There were some fun references along the way and the story was a bit of a traditional white knight one in terms of development which isn t necessarily a bad thing.
I actually didn t want to like it but I really did in the end Totally not my normal reading but it was fun Not really something I would normally pick up, but it was kind of fun The teen age boy humor got a little old by the end.
TL DR Unrealistic character behaviors and Interactions explained away by a flimsy excuse in order to justify extremely poor character writing throughout.
Every character, even the main char, acts like a poorly scripted npc Really early on, there s exposition where a character posits that it s statistically likely that the world is just a giant super advanced simulation Some mishap happens and they reprogram reality a little to make the rules of a game that s in development start bleeding into reality That s the excuse they re going with as to why everyone around the MC who the reality break is centered around starts giving him quests and acting like buggy npcs Except even the people who supposedly retain sentience the MC, his friend, and the heroine also don t act

Marcus loved games, and hated his job He worked twice as hard as everyone else, helped them out without pause, and his boss constantly dangled the promise of promotion just out of reach He was better where he was, doing all the work, and meeting what should have been impossible deadlines, after all, why should some one be rewarded for their work when keeping them at their current station keeps the office running smoothly Things, however, are about to change His old love interest returned to the scene, and surprisingly, she s working on a project to create VR It s still in the testing phase, but Marcus is all too eager to help A freak accident causes the game to crash, and when Marcus wakes up the world is not the same Reality has become a game, and he has 48 hours to complete the main quest or the world itself will end.
Level Up by Craig Anderson is another book in my This was a really entertaining novel It s not introducing some new mechanic, or pushing the limit on the genre, but what it does, it does really well and consistently.
It s also self contained, with the possibility of expansion if the author so desires, but it s nice to be left without cliffhangers.
If you are looking for an uncomplicated and entertaining story, pick this up.
This book is a quick read Witty and entertaining.

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