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[Anthea Simmons] ☆ Lightning Mary [palaeontology PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý An inspiring and evocative look at the life of Mary Anning, a scientist whose work was often not appreciated or acknowledged during her life because of her gender and social status In this book, Mary has a strong voice and a fierce determination to go her own way regardless of what people around her want her to do This is the perfect inttoduction to learning about Mary and highlighting female scirntists.
An inspirational and intriguing insight into the life of Mary Anning the 19th century fossil finder who defied convention and gender roles to pursue her dreams and talents of becoming a pioneering palaeontologist.
Set against the backdrop of the iconic cliffs of the Jurassic Coast, Anthea Simmons skilfully unravels the childhood of one of history s most fascinating figures Not only braving the dangerous landslips and storms of the coast but also the prejudice and poverty that came with her gender and class being born both poor and a girl , young Mary bravely faces tragedy and despair in the face in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a scientist, but what will happen when she makes the greatest discovery of all Exploring themes of women in scientific positions and tackling bigger issues like science versus faith and religio How to define a woman as a scientist This is the dilemma that underpins the frustrations of determined and prickly souvenir maker and palaeontologist Mary Anning, whose young life in the hardships of C18th Dorset challenge her and the sympathies of those around her Mary is not easily likeable brusque, dismissive but the author portrays her and her situation in such a way that we are drawn to stand alongside her, and see how people came to admire and love her This is a neat trick by Simmons and allows the narrative to conclude on a downbeat that reflects Anning s own frustrations and suggests how identities are formed but not always neatly resolved no mean feat.

Excellent fictional account of the early years of Mary Anning scientist.
Ordinary Is What Most People Are And I Am Not I Am Not Ordinary At All I Am A ScientistOne Stormy Night, A Group Of Villagers Are Struck By Lightning The Only Survivor Is A Baby Mary Anning From That Moment On, A Spark Is Lit Within HerGrowing Up Poor But Proud On The Windswept Dorset Coast, Mary Follows After Her Father, Hunting For Fossils Uncovered By Waves And Landslips Ancient Creatures, Turned To Stone Ignoring Other People S Taunts, Mary Faces Danger To Bring Back Valuable Treasures To Help Feed Her Family But Tragedy And Despair Is Never Far Away Mary Must Depend Upon Her Unique Courage And Knowledge To Fulfil Her Dream Of Becoming A Scientist In A Time When Girls Have No Opportunities For Such Ambitions What Will Happen When She Makes Her Greatest Discovery Of All With A Factual Section About Mary Anning, Her Life, And The Discoveries She Made

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