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[Anna Belfrage] Ï Like Chaff in the Wind (The Graham Saga #2) [video-games PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç When I accepted this book for review I had no idea it was a time travel novel I happen to love time travel novels so it didn t bother me in the least in fact it added a bit for me but for someone who doesn t care for them it might have come as a bit of a shock I knew this was a second book in a series and I d not had the opportunity to read the first so I went in a bit blind All that being said, Like Chaff in the Wind read like a stand alone book for me I did not feel any great loss at not having read the first book in the series I do however, very much want to read the next volume The Prodigal Son I have the first, A Rip in the Veil on my Nexus and will hopefully find some of the spare time people are always talking about and get around to reading it.
Matthew and Alex are happily married but there is one major problem in their life Mat Love the seriesThe story continues, well written, great history and vivid descriptions You know a story has captured you when you can t out if down.
Matthew Graham Committed The Mistake Of His Life When He Cut Off His Brother S Nose In Revenge, Luke Graham Has Matthew Abducted And Transported To The Colony Of Virginia To Be Sold As Indentured Labour Matthew Arrives In Virginia In May And Any Hope He Had Of Finding Someone Willing To Listen To His Story Of Unlawful Abduction Is Quickly Extinguished If Anything, Matthew S Insistence That He Is An Innocent Man Leads Him To Being Singled Out For The Heaviest Tasks Insufficient Food, Gruelling Days And The Humid Heat Combine To Wear Him Down With A Sinking Feeling, He Realises No One Has Ever Survived Their Seven Years Of Service On The Plantation Suffolk Rose Fortunately For Matthew, He Has A Remarkable Wife Alex Graham Has No Intention Of Letting Her Husband Suffer And Die So She Sets Off From Scotland On A Perilous Journey To Bring Her Husband Home Alex Is Plagued By Nightmares In Which Matthew Is Reduced To A Wheezing Wreck By His Tormentors Sailing To Virginia, She Prays For A Miracle To Carry Her Swiftly To His Side But Fate Has Other Plans, And What Should Have Been A Two Month Crossing Turns Into A Year Long Adventure From One Side Of The Atlantic To The Other Will Alex Find Matthew In Time Will She Be Able To Pay The Price Of Setting Him Free Like Chaff In The Wind Continues On From The Rip In The Veil, Taking Alex And Matthew S Love Story To A New Continent Gut wrenchingI was in constant gut shredding agony the first half of this book for which I will never forgive the author Still a smoldering ball of jealousy and rage burns in my chest at the thought of it Superbly written but utterly, utterly, heartbreaking.
When I first started reading Like Chaff in the Wind, I was worried it would be a little too much like the much loved Outlander series given that both center on a woman from the future who time travels and falls in love with a Scottish man from the past and both face many trials and tribulations together I am happy to say that despite the very loose connections in the stories, Like Chaff in the Wind is a wholly unique story and Alex and Matthew Graham are fascinating characters in their own right as well The story starts as Matthew Graham is kidnapped at the behest of his estranged brother in revenge for slicing off his nose Apparently there is no love lost between the Graham brothers Matthew is transported to Suffolk Rose plantatio I was hooked on Like Chaff in the Wind by Anna Belfrage from the moment I opened its pages Usually it takes me some time to warm up to a new book, but this one caught me from the start and had me hooked It wasn t due to action packed suspense scenes though, as most people might generalize with that type of statement It did move smoothly, and there was action, but so it was her style of writing that kept me reading It was quick and emotional, with characters as quick witted as the movement of her words, and was detailed in just the right measure For instance, one of my favorite characters was the housekeeper, Mrs Gordon, who partners with Alex on her adventure across the sea to find her husband Matthew She was hilarious, just like a 1600 era Mrs Doubtfire Who doesn t love jovial, This book continues the story of time traveling Alex and her 17th century husband Matthew started inA Rip in the VeilSadly, while others found this one to be the stronger novel, I have to admit I far preferred A Rip in the Veil Set in the 17th century, the story picks up sometime later months after the first book ends As with the previous novel, the action starts immediately Matthew is sold into slavery by his villainous brother, shipped over to the Colonies, where he s abused and used His wife Alex, modern lady that she is, doesn t accept this, and sets off after him This is the first ten pages From there, Belfrage continues the action rescue, attacks, betrayals, time travel, soap opera ish twists, and modern sentiments clashing with historical ones.
I can t quite nail down what felt so different in this book tha

First, a note I have not yet read book 1 in this series, The Rip in the Veil, so I can t comment on how the second book builds from the first I can, however, tell you that you probably should read the books in order That being said, if for some reason you decide to read them out of order, say for a tour and ran out of time to read the first, you won t be totally lost The author includes enough information so that you can piece together the major events that have occurred, however it isn t necessarily right at the start of the book so there were periods of confusion until I got those tidbits.
The majority of the novel takes place on ships headed to the American Colonies and in Jamestown, Virginia A shorter amount of time is spent in Scotland Jamestown was a refreshing setting in that not many stories take place here but it wasn t the Jamestown that I expected or experienced upon Matthew is sold into slavery by his brother Luke He is shipped over to Virginia where he is sold to a tobacco farmer to pay off 7 years bondage A farm with cruel masters, and not many men make it out alive However is wife Alex is not about to sit at home and allow him to suffer for seven years She leaves her young son at home and sets off on a long, harried journey across the ocean in search of her man Book two is another fast moving and very enjoyable story.
I really enjoyed this book the history detail is very good yes she did have to make a few minor changes but she explained why at the end I had a hard time putting this book down compared to the first book.

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