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✓ Lilah â Download by ¸ Marek Halter My opinion on this was that it was not anything that particular or unique The story was quite interesting and the setting also The problem was that the story did not have much of interesting turn of events I liked the writing as it was very poetic and I liked how everything Lilah was described and how she described her own journey I liked Lilah s character, but I could not understand her real intentions At first, it was about sending her brother away to Jerusalem to get married to Antinoes Later on in the second part, she becomes passionate a bit like her brother for the faith of the Jewish people Her relationship with Antinoes was very beautiful and passionate, yet there wasn t any back story or explanation to their story Her relationship with her brother was also quite interesting In a way, I felt that it was too intimate I listened to the audio version of this book and found it riveting At times I was uncomfortable with the ongoing relationship between brother and sister and found myself challenged by their dynamics However, the most riveting and compelling part of the book focused on the role of the Persian empire all the way to the Queen and its power over the common person absolute dictator like control over who one marries, and ones very existencesounds a bit too much like the type of control ISIS is attempting to exert, and seems to be quite effective We here in the West do have issues with the way that religion dictates politics in the Middle East, Syria, etc However, when you did just below the surface, we here in the US are not really that different witness the recent case that went to the Human Rights Commission invol Set In The Magnificent Culture Of The Middle East Than Four Thousand Years Ago, Lilah Is A Rich And Emotionally Resonant Story Of Faith, Love, And Courage Living In Exile, Lilah Is In Love With Antinoes, A Persian Warrior They Have Known Each Other Since They Were Children, And Antinoes Dearly Wants To Make Lilah His Wife Yet Lilah Does Not Feel She Can Marry Without The Blessing Of Her Brother, Ezra She And Ezra Are Close, And Lilah Knows Her Brother Well He Does Not Want His Sister To Have A Husband Outside Their Faith Ezra Is A Scholar Of The Laws Of Moses, And Lilah Believes It Is Her Brother S Destiny To Lead The Jewish People Back To The Promised Land While Antinoes Pressures Her To Accept His Proposal, Lilah Realizes That Before She Can Consider Her Own Happiness, It Is Her Duty To Help Her Brother Accomplish The Seemingly Impossible Task That Is Before Him Putting Herself In Grave Danger, And With The Help Of Antinoes, Lilah Wins Ezra An Audience With Artaxerxes II, The King Of Kings, Who Grants Permission To Lead The Exiles On Their Journey Back To The Promised Land After A Hazardous Trip Across The Desert, Lilah, Ezra, And The Thousands Who Join Them Arrive In Jerusalem But The Hardship Of Rebuilding The Temple Takes Its Toll, And The Religious Enthusiasm Of Some Turns To Extremism Ezra, Listening To The Zealots, Orders All Non Jewish Wives And Their Children Banished From Jerusalem Lilah, Whose Love For Antinoes Has Never Wavered, Is Horrified By This Command She Knows She Must Now Choose Between Her Brother And Her Conscience, Which Tells Her That The Time Has Come To Defy Him Lilah Is A Timeless Story Of One Woman S Stand Against Intolerance It Will Linger In The Reader S Mind Long After The Last Page Has Been Turned From The Hardcover Edition I came upon Marek Halter s Canaan Trilogy by pure happenstance I also read it out of order Zipporah, then Sarah, and Lilah , but it not necessary to have read this series in order I loved that the book trilogy encompassed almost 1600 years, starting with Sarah which was placed around 21st century B.
E Zipporah 15th century B.
E to Lilah which is set in around 550 B.
E Sarah was an engrossing and beautiful tale, and Zipporah was an enriching treat Lilah however, misses the mark completely One of my major issues is that Lilah, however dynamic and interesting of a character Halter made her out to be, was just that Unlike Sarah and Zipporah, Lilah was not based on any sister of Ezra, as she is not mentioned an Listened to this on a road trip to from Vegas.
The first half was GREAT The second half was so utterly depressing that it would have been a four star book if not for the sad ending It really left a damper on my mood Still an enjoyable read or listen in this case.
This is the story of Ezra s sister and the events leading up to and included in the book of Ezra in the bible I was disappointed to look up Lilah after reading the book and find out there was no such person mentioned in the bible Still, she could ve existed, and her inner turmoil could ve been as complex and painful as it was in this book Certainly when I read the book of Ezra in the bible I imagine the pain his work caused Personally, I don t think Ezra would ve spared his own sister if he had one I rate this book only a 3, but it s a relatively short and easy read Not a high price to pay in terms of time, and I got my money s worth.
Pleasant read, nothing spectacular I enjoyed the way that Ezra s story was brought to life as that is a book of the Bible that I haven t spent a lot of time contemplating.

Ca m a prit le trajet de 16 jours pour pouvoir endurer 10% de ce livre Les premiers chapitres, avec le style maladroit et sec de Monsieur Halter, chouent de nous transfixer dans l histoire de Lilah et son amant Antinoes Ayant d j lu l entr e pr c dente de la s rie La Bible au F minin intitul e Tsippora , je me suis d j accoutum au style de Monsieur Halter, ce style d une lenteur exasp rante et tellement d taill qu il me fallait plusieurs jours pour retourner sur le chemin J ai en fait termin Tsippora avec un esprit d u cause d une fin qui a t press e et faible de mon point de vue En ce qui concerne Lilah malgr une connection brumeuse aux deux autres livres de la s rie qui r ussit m me si faiblement nous connecter ce monde de religion, mythe et amour le d collage de ce roman est tellement maigre qu on ne puisse avo Absolute rubbish, I m sorry to say The writing obscured the plot and distorted the characters, which where littlethan cookie cutouts to begin with The books structure was awkward and meandering and it changed in tone abruptly It s a shame too, I really wanted to like this piece of biblical fiction This is suuuuuper boring Full of needless dialogue and a reach as far as the story of Lilah There s also some creepy vibe between her and her brother I m not sure what about this installment is the worst, its droning and repetitive descriptions or its lack of getting to the point Cannot finish past 20%

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