ï Liz Learns a Lesson (The Critter Club, #3) ï Download by ï Callie Barkley

ï Liz Learns a Lesson (The Critter Club, #3) ï Download by ï Callie Barkley So many kids will relate to Liz and her dismay at having to go to summer school for math The teacher uses math problems and a class pet to help the students learn Add to the disappoint of the summer Liz will not be able to take an art class she wants to as it is at the same time as math This is a fun beginning chapter book for kids The font is a good size and the sentences are easy to read Plus this book is a series that students will enjoy reading about other kids adventures as part of the Critter Club Black and white illustrations add to the charm of the text and support the narrative.
I liked how at the end she still got to go to art class and she got an A on her test.
Liz Is Excited For A Fun Summer With The Critter Club, But Will Summer School Ruin Her Plans It S Almost Time For Summer Vacation, And Liz Is Looking Forward To Sleeping In, Taking An Art Class, And Spending Plenty Of Time With Her Friends At The Critter Club Between Fun Summer Plans And Busy Petsitting Schedules, The Girls Are Going To Have Their Hands Full But On The Last Day Of School, Liz Gets The Unexpected News That Her Math Grades Aren T Where They Need To Be Though She S Not Thrilled To Be Stuck In Summer School, Liz Works Hard And Learns A Lesson Even Important Than FractionsWith Easy To read Language And Illustrations On Almost Every Page, The Critter Club Chapter books Are Perfect For Beginning Readers I like that they found Digit a home at the math place Digit is a cute little turtle.
I like this series What if that turtle held a sickness The book is curious, it makes you get stamina to finish without stopping You feel reading it again once you finished it

Liz learns that summer school isn t the end of the world Once again, the Critter Club is a little bit light on seeing any actual critters other than a turtle and a short scene with a spider While I like the characters and the stories are well written, this has been my complaint throughout the series these adventures could happen in any children s book series The thing that is supposed to make this series unique and interesting has almost nothing to do with any of the plots thus far.
On the other hand, as I said, the characters are good The stories themselves are well written I d hand these off easily to the child who is needing to build confidence as a reader But if that child is an animal lover really looking for a good book about animals they might be a little bit disappointed.
Liz and her Critter Club friends are really nice girls who get along great I liked their diverse backgrounds and families, plus the plot that Liz had to go to summer school for math I did take issue with one sentence Tofu dogs were, by far, Liz s favorite summertime food.
Reviewed by Grace, age 6, 11 11 17 This story is about Liz learning a lesson Liz learns how to do math and get an A She has to go to a summer math class which she does not like She finds a turtle on the sidewalk She makes it into a class pet named Digit Her summer is not ruined Her mom puts her in an art class.

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