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[ Pdf Lobster Þ ukraine PDF ] by Guillaume Lecasble ¹ Aboard The Titanic, Lobster Watches Angelina Devour His Father, Before Being Plucked Out Of The Aquarium Himself Just As He Is Put In The Boiling Pot, The Ship Hits The Iceberg And The Pot Is Thrown To The Floor Lobster Survives, With Some Changes He Finds Himself Sexually Attracted Not Only To A Human, But To The Very Human Who Ate His Father He Gives Her One Life Changing Orgasm Before Their Tragic Separation, Following An Ugly Incident In One Of The Lifeboats Thus Begins A Love Story Like No Other But This Is Not Only A Surreal Concept Lecasble S Rich Symbolism About The Shells We Build To Protect Ourselves, The Difficulty Of Communication, And The Profound Changes Engendered By Love Is Further Enhanced By Powerfully Erotic, Vivid Prose I ve read my share of strange books but this has to be up there Beastiality, incest, murder.
and still manages to be darkly funny Wouldn t be recommending this to my work colleagues but I secretly loved it.
What just happened In the dining rooms of the Titanic, Lobster sees his parents getting eaten, then is about to get boiled alive himself at precisely the moment the ship hits the iceberg Instead he experiences an erotic encounter with a refined but sexually frustrated woman just as the ship sinks, giving him a taste for life as a human without a hard shell to contain his desires, and a desperate need to find his belle Angelina again after they become separated in the lifeboats I m no stranger to bizarro fiction and the vaguely repellent feeling one gets from its use of extreme or uncomfortable allegory, but Lobster actually left me behind a quarter of the way through, just to let me catch up again only in the last ten pages Lecasble s first novel he s an artist and film maker also has a theme of unrestrained desire but Lecasble seems undecided about precisely what to do with it if It is not to be imagined, that one might ever hear tell of astar crossed pair of lovers than Angelina and Lobster, or list to a sorrier tale of woeful love sex death than this here one Driven by the cruel icy waters of the Atlantic from the slightly cooked and bepinked pincers of the unlikely being who awakened her to full womanhood, Angelina survives the wreck of the Titanic only to seek unwholesome, damaging embraces of other crustaceans, and can t stop sniffing her hand with its odor of bayleaves and fish stock Meanwhile, Lobster searches the sea bed for his lost love How they are ultimately reunited by their devouring passion in a frothy, erotic leibestod well, words fail.
5 stars because it was so ridiculous and in being so brought me joy How did this get published AND TRANSLATED WHAT Most bizarre book I have ever read, hence 5 stars Would I recommend it Would very much depend on how well I know you.
Five stars for its extreme weirdness.
Not entirely sure I know what I ve just read.
Incest, inter species sex and penile transformation are among the elements of this truly insane but fascinating French novel.

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