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[Allison J. Pugh] ✓ Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture [young-adult-contemporary PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ Allison Pugh is one of the most thoughtful authors when it comes to the sociology of children I was lucky enough to have her as a professor of two classes on Semester at Sea, and her teachings are something I will forever carry with me A must read.
An interesting look at how parents buy things for their children to increase their social capital.

A report on the author s years of studying children at three very different Oakland schools expensive private school, upper middle class public school, and low income public after school program , Longing and Belonging is a fascinating look at how different families navigate consumer culture As someone who struggles with how much artificial scarcity to impose on my own children, I thought this did a great job of laying out why our children want the things they do and how they navigate peer culture Unlike other books on raising children, instead of glossing over the emotional effects of having or less than one s peers, Pugh focuses on it, both within each school environment showing how they different and what priorities parents of different income levels put on different types of spending and the larger differences among these environments, Even As They See Their Wages Go Down And Their Buying Power Decrease, Many Parents Are Still Putting Their Kids Material Desires First These Parents Struggle With How To Handle Children S Consumer Wants, Which Continue Unabated Despite The Economic Downturn And, Indeed, Parents And Other Adults Continue To Spend Billions Of Dollars On Children Every Year Why Do Children Seem To Desire So Much, So Often, So Soon, And Why Do Parents Capitulate So Readily To Determine What Forces Lie Behind The Onslaught Of Nintendo Wiis And Bratz Dolls, Allison J Pugh Spent Three Years Observing And Interviewing Children And Their Families In Longing And Belonging Parents, Children, And Consumer Culture, Pugh Teases Out The Complex Factors That Contribute To How We Buy, From Lunchroom Conversations About Game Boys To The Stark Inequalities Facing American Children Pugh Finds That Children S Desires Stem Less From Striving For Status Or Falling Victim To Advertising Than From Their Yearning To Join The Conversation At School Or In The Neighborhood Most Parents Respond To Children S Need To Belong By Buying The Particular Goods And Experiences That Act As Passports In Children S Social Worlds, Because They Sympathize With Their Children S Fear Of Being Different From Their Peers Even Under Financial Constraints, Families Prioritize Children Feeling Normal Pugh Masterfully Illuminates The Surprising Similarities In The Fears And Hopes Of Parents And Children From Vastly Different Social Contexts, Showing That While Corporate Marketing And Materialism Play A Part In The Commodification Of Childhood, At The Heart Of The Matter Is The Desire To Belong

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