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á Read ì Love 2.0 by Barbara L. Fredrickson ¼ Wow, what an eye opening book I would have thought love would be a hard thing to study scientifically but with brain scanning technology it apparently can be studied objectivly The author redefines love as as positivity resonance between two people This resonance can occur with anyone, anytime She introduces practices and meditations like the Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation which is just beautiful to help you unlock your potential to experience this resonance One thing she said that struck me was that the old concept of love where you can only experience it with one, predesignated one is like pouring concrete on a garden full of flower bulbs One or two might push their way through the cracks and bloom, but the odds are stacked against it Also what struck me is that love might actually affect how your genes are expressed, they re measuring R I just couldn t connect with this book Maybe my expectations were off I thought it would be about the different types of love for example, romantic, platonic, familial, etc , and how to increase the love in your life, or improve your relationships This was of a touchy feely love the world, and the world will love you back kind of treatise Love for Fredrickson is nothing than momentary connection, so you can have episodes of love with your deli counter clerk, if you share a joke and a smile While I get the importance of connection, I didn t learn anything new, and it was very generalized and ambiguous information.
We All Know Love Matters, But In This Groundbreaking Book Positive Emotions Expert Barbara Fredrickson Shows Us How Much Even Than Happiness And Optimism, Love Holds The Key To Improving Our Mental And Physical Health As Well As Lengthening Our Lives Using Research From Her Own Lab, Fredrickson Redefines Love Not As A Stable Behemoth, But As Micro Moments Of Connection Between People Even Strangers She Demonstrates That Our Capacity For Experiencing Love Can Be Measured And Strengthened In Ways That Improve Our Health And Longevity Finally, She Introduces Us To Informal And Formal Practices To Unlock Love In Our Lives, Generate Compassion, And Even Self Soothe Rare In Its Scope And Ambitious In Its Message, Love Will Reinvent How You Look At And Experience Our Most Powerful Emotion Loved Love 2.
0 Appropriately enough, I loved Love 2.
0Redefining love through a fascinating biochemical perspective, Barbara Fredrickson s Love 2.
0 explores the preconditions, biological underpinnings, and health benefits of this supreme emotion Stepping away from the traditional conceptualization of love, Barbara describes love as the result of positivity resonance which are real time experiences of literally being in synch with someone else Those micro moments of positivity resonance you can share with nearly anyone breaks open extraordinary opportunities Those potent, boundary blurring and heart expanding experiences of positivity resonance that you share with others are not merely an academic concept or a poetic flourish In a moment of positivity resonance, studies show, your awareness automatically expands, allowing you to appr I feel so bad whenever I buy a book that costs and I end feeling very eeeeh about it and this is one of them It started off great but then just a bit downhill for me Overall the writing style made it hard to get through It wasn t academic writing but I just didn t get along with it and it made a lot of the information presented feel like it was dragging I preferred the first part of the book than the second.
I was very interested to half way through the book with the refreshing neuroscience approach to our behavioral responses and perceptions to love and kindness Then I quickly felt disenchanted I just wanted to get it over with and finish the book hoping it would stick to what the first half was like But that did not happen I cringed through the remaining chapters all about looking within myself and turning towards energy in order to find positivity Yikes Not my cup of tea Not the tea I started with it If this is your tea, take my cup, please.
Barbara Fredrickson takes a unique stand on what love is She doesn t discount the value of bonding it s that trust that frees us to be open with one another But she believes that it s the physical connections the eye contact, verbal or sexual exchange that are the true instances of love My take away from this book is to keep feeding those relationships if you want to love and be loved.
To you, and to those in whom your love resonates p.
3 Longing You know the feeling It s that ache of sensing that something vital is missing from your life a deep thirst for More meaning, connection, energy something Longing is that feeling that courses through your body just before you decide that you re restless, lonely, or unhappy p.
4 love is the essential nutrient that your cells crave true positivity charged connection with other living beings p.
5 Love is not a category of relationships Nor is it something out there that you can fall into, or years later out of Seeing love as a special bond is extraordinarily common, albeit misleading A bond like this can endure for years even a lifetime with proper commitment and effort And having at least one close relationship like this is vital to your health and happiness, to be sure Even so, that special bond and the commitments people often b

I love that there is a whole seemingly respectable research lab called PEP at the University of North Carolina that does research on having subjects practice LKM LKM is short for loving kindness meditation and I love that it was shortened to LKM Why, I have no idea, but it is just a quirky thing I love PEP stands for Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology And I love that the author takes her earlier positivity psychology further, into the realm of love, in order to make the world a better place I love that she brings in neuropsychiatric research that has changed the way we view the brain and emotions I love how she makes loving kindness meditation accessible to all, not just Zen Buddhism practitioners The author says, love like all other positive emotions follows the ancestral logic of broaden and build As you practice LKM, and become aware of all the micro Parents Magazine and a goodly number of readers Love Love 2.
0 Thirty seven of forty two 88% readers ranked it 4 or 5 stars out of 5.
FramingLove 2.
0 has groundbreaking theory It gives us, a radically new conception of love The Atlantic At last we can discuss the science of love the relation between self love and loving others Frans de Waal Writer Researcher on primates bonobos behavior It is also practical Using rigorous science, practical exercises, and heartful daily life examples, Barbara shows us how to strengthen our capacity to truly connect to ourselves and others spiritual leader Sharon Salzberg Dr Fredrickson, who has twice consulted with the Dalai Lama, is part of a cascade of scientists and spiritual leaders connecting neuro science and larger than me purpose She teaches that love is the most supreme amo

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