Download Epub Format ↠´ Love, Africa: A Memoir of Romance, War, and Survival PDF by ê Jeffrey Gettleman

Download Epub Format ↠´ Love, Africa: A Memoir of Romance, War, and Survival PDF by ê Jeffrey Gettleman A Seasoned War Correspondent, Jeffrey Gettleman Has Covered Every Major Conflict Over The Past Twenty Years, From Afghanistan To Iraq To The Congo For The Past Decade, He Has Served As The East Africa Bureau Chief For The New York Times, Fulfilling A Teenage DreamAt Nineteen, Gettleman Fell In Love, Twice On A Do It Yourself Community Service Trip In College, He Went To East Africa A Terrifying, Exciting, Dreamlike Part Of The World In The Throes Of Change That Imprinted Itself On His Imagination And On His HeartBut Around That Same Time He Also Fell In Love With A Fellow Cornell Student The Brightest, Classiest, Most Principled Woman He D Ever Met To Say They Were Opposites Was An Understatement She Became A Criminal Lawyer In America He Hungered To Return To Africa For The Next Decade He Would Be Torn Between These Two Abiding PassionsA Sensually Rendered Coming Of Age Story In The Tradition Of Barbarian Days, Love, Africa Is A Tale Of Passion, Violence, Far Flung Adventure, Tortuous Long Distance Relationships, Screwing Up, Forgiveness, Parenthood, And Happiness That Explores The Power Of Finding Yourself In The Most Unexpected Of Places Brilliant book A unique love triangle pitting person against purpose, with brief glimpses into American foreign policy across Africa and the Middle East from the eyes of a journalist I cannot recommend it enough Not only did I find the memoir so moving I sent an excessively long email to the author, Jeffrey Gettleman 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner for international reporting and Chief of the East Africa Bureau for the New York Times , but he also responded the same day and it was the most pleasant email exchange I ve ever had Love, Africa should be on every adventurer s reading list.
The tale of an asshole who has had a fascinating career.

In July of 1996, I and 21 of my fellow church members traveled to Kenya on a mission trip Aside from short stays in both Nairobi and Mombasa, we spent most of the month in a tiny town called Kibwezi We had running water but no electricity, and because it was 1996, none of us had laptops or cell phones Honestly, it rather boggles my mind that my parents let me go so many thousands of miles away with no ability to make sure I was okay most of the time I totally understand why Gettleman has fallen so completely in love with Kenya Twenty years later, and I still find my ears perk up at the mention of that captivating country I remember seeing Mt Kilimanjaro through the haze, elephants and lions and giraffes roaming around Tsavo Game Park, the incredibly blue Indian Ocean off the coast of Mombasa, watching the barefoot boys playing soccer in the dust and the dirt of the polytech I was so excited to win this book from the publisher I had been waiting for the book to be published Some of the book reminded me of one of my favorites, A Thousand Hills to Heaven Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda I really enjoyed reading about the authors time in Africa and the various people he met I only gave it three stars because I had a hard time liking the author I don t know if it was intentional but by proclaiming what a narcissistic jerk he was made me not like him evenEverything he does is for himself and so that he can have children who he raises in Africa, just like his cool friend Dan who was raised in Africa He talks about helping one person financially while acknowledging that he lives very rich in a poor country While many people move to the third world to start a non profit or help the native people in some

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