æ Lucies Two Step-Brothers (Wickedly Taboo, #2) Â Download by æ Jenika Snow

æ Lucies Two Step-Brothers (Wickedly Taboo, #2) Â Download by æ Jenika Snow Lucie Not Only Has To Share Her House With Her New Step Father, But Also His Two Sons Emery And Quentin Aren T The Typical Boys Lucie Goes To School With, Not With Their Towering Heights And Muscular Frames As Her Annoyance For Her Two Step Brothers Slowly Diminishes, And A Fierce Arousal Settles In, Lucie Knows That She Isn T Going To Be Able To Resist Their Advances For Long I really expectedfrom this book because I really liked the first book of the series However, I just didn t like it as much as the author s previous books I couldn t connect with the characters very well Probably because the book was way to short for me to develop feelings for the characters The author usually writes shorter stories but I usually can get into the books that I ve read from her I couldn t this time The story line was just very weak and didn t feel like much of a story in the end Highly disappointed in this book but I still really like this author and will keep reading her books.
I bought this with the intentions of reading a short little titillating taboo story I ll have to say it was a lotstory than that Don t get me wrong It was short It definitely had some titillating sexy moments Mist ifying even It also had me quite upset and shaking in my boots towards the end It is quite a bitthan a taboo quickie.
Lucie s mom meets and gets engaged to Edward When Lucie meets Edward and his two sons Quentin 19 and Emery 18 she s ready to not like them Resents having to change her world Those brothers are pretty hot though Edward gives her the creeps Lucie is in her last year of high school and will be 18 in a month when the story begins I like all of the characters in the story You can really understand what s going on in their heads They re relatable All except Edward Get this book and you ll se So, ok, I picked this one up cause I obviously dig m nages AND it was also sort of forbidden sex romance too, so, you got me And the m nage thing was HOT My, my, really hot BUT the abuse thing with the stepfather sort of.
put out my fire for a while So it lessened my fun a little Who the heck want to talk read about abuse when in kinky mood Well, sure as hell not me, thank you very much.
I felt like the last bit was rushed thus I want to give it a 4.
9, but hey round it off and you get 5 stars I really like how the book wasn t all sex, but had reality issues too like the abusive step father through Lucie s eyes husband through Melanie s eyes Nonetheless, the sex scenes were extremely sexy and whoo Does it feel good to have my brother s mouth on those pretty little red nipples Sooo Hot Next time we fuck, I m going to be buried in your ass while my brother is fucking your tight little cunt Oh God That was something she was definitely looking forward to.
I could have done without her mother and stepfather storyline should have just been about her and her two stepbrothers fucking nonstop.
Tres estrellas, no porque me haya gustado si no porque es horriblemente CORTO.
La historia se lee sola, Lucie tiene mucha suerte de tener a esos chicos a su lado, y la trama es sencilla pero efectiva Y los momentos de tensi n est n muy bien narrados.
Super contenta con la lectura.
3 words Short, steamy and fun.
3 fanning myself stars Next time we fuck, I m going to be buried in your ass while my brother is fucking your tight little cunt Whoaaaaaa Okay Okay.
Let me calm down first okay Fyuh Uhm.
well, where should I start eh Oh let me start from here.
Lucie must accept the fact that her mother decided to re married again with Edward.
Lucie not only didn t accept her new soon to be her step father, but his two sons too.
But when they finally live under the same roof, Lucie found that her two stepbrothers are attractive and soon Lucie start to have fantasies about them.
When their newly wed parents go for honey moon and leave the three alone in the house for two weeks, both Emery and Quentin can stand any not to make her new step sister know that they have the same interest a An hour of my life I ll never get back I know this is an old book but I m still so irked and PO ed I m gonna leave a review The story had no character development between the three There was no POV between the heroes so one could understand they re feelings or who they were And the fact that the heroine was not a virgin, had only one sexual experience before then, when she had too much to drink was infuriating WHY It was so unnecessary She s so young and by her own admission it was one time Just make her a Virgin so she can completely give herself to her men and be bonded to them as no other And on top of that she s worrying and musing over whether they ll think she s easy since she s having sex with two of them Welll

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