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[ Read Online Lunatic ✓ algeria PDF ] by Edward S. Gleason ä A short primer on the history of the asylum suitable as an overview for anyone unfamiliar with the building and with the treatment of and attitudes toward mental illness during the late 19th and early 20th centuries Hopefully ain depth and scholarly work will follow.
The book is chock full of fascinating information, but Mr Gleason is in desperate need of an editor The grammar and punctuation are distracting.
It s difficult to imagine that anyone so lucky as to have the opportunity to visit the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia wouldn t be fascinated enough by its imposing structure and storied history to try and learnabout the institution Unfortunately, commercial works on the asylum are rarer than a rational scientific approach to mental health in the 19th century Lunatic, a slim volume of exactly the type hawked in gift shops, attempts to fill the void To its credit, the book opens with a few lines that are the definition of truth in advertising, proclaiming thatThe following is an informal, anecdotal narrative detailing the rise and fall of a 19th century insane asylum and the tumultuous events in and around the Asylum and in the United States in general that affected the causes and treatment of i

I read this book through Kindle Unlimited I barely got through the first chapter The lack of punctuation, run on sentences, and random details are really distracting The information may be interesting, but it reads like a rushed undergraduate paper Hopefully the author will come back with some proper editing and grammar checking.
TragicTrans Allegheny was a fantastic idea for its time but lack of training and over crowding is not a good mix Other reviewers mention about grammar and punctuation Yes there is that but this was self published as a means to raise money to restore the facility So get past that It is a great step into history.
Trans Allegheny AsylumAsylums everywhere share many common things, each unique in their shared histories, such as common medical and psychiatric treatments and problems, the eerie way people were committed and forgotten just to name a few A storied history, yet one that is ignominious.
Good read Great look into the history of Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Definitely a good read if you are interested in the history of insane asylums.
The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Constructed BetweenAnd , Is The Largest Hand Cut Blue Sandstone Building In The Western Hemisphere This Haunted Gothic Structure Was The End Of The Line For West Virginia S Insane ForYears There Are Nine Acres Of Wards Crowded By A LoomingFoot Clock Tower The Asylum S Massive Walls Hold Terrifying Tales Of Civil War Raids, Arson, And Suicide Good bookVery interesting and intriguing I am planning on touring this asylum this summer It is nice to know a little history before I go Very interestingGreat read Very well written and full of Information Thankfully our treatment of the mentally ill has changed drastically There are some very sad stories on this book.

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