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[ Pdf Managing Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide Á amazon PDF ] by Gillian Butler å A comprehensive guide to developing robust mental healthWhat you put into your body has an impact on your physical health You are in big trouble if you live on candy, chips and root beer Similarly, what you dwell on in your mind affects your mental health If your thoughts are self critical, obsessive and anxious, you will not be happy In fact, you will probably be miserable and neurotic Fortunately, just as you can improve your physical health with diet and exercise, you can also take specific steps to improve your mental health Cognitive therapy experts Gillian Butler and Tony Hope show you these steps and teach you how to use them to develop a healthier, happier mind They offer sensible techniques you can use to feelself confident, and less anxious, stressed and fearful This self help guide outlines techniques for achievin .
Its a decent book, I keep it for reference purposes Its well organized with all the material and how to handle everything from self esteem, depression, managing time, decision making, etc Gives you a brief overview of how to handle situations Like with all self helps, you must actually TRY to do the things in the book, rather than passively read and I think if you do that, this book can be helpful.
I would give it 3.
10Just began reading this book, which was a gift from my wonderful, beautiful sister, and it is brilliant I only have read a few things on relationships so far, but the information has been so timely for me personally.
It really helps to feel that we have the power over ourselves, and we have choices There is some really useful information in this book I think everyone would benefit from it.
This book is both practical and profound It s grounded in research but not too academic It doesn t have a pie in the sky approach to self help It s realistic Highly recommended.
This book is very clearly targeted to an audience who feels a loss of control within their bubble of society It would be relevant to the elderly or those needing a self esteem booster Not practical for a young adult, and not what I expected in a book categorized as mental fitness.
originally Published In , The First Edition Of Managing Your Mind Established A Unique Place In The Self Help Book Market A Blend Of Tried And True Psychological Counseling And No Nonsense Management Advice Grounded In The Principles Of CBTand Other Psychological Treatments, The Book Straddled Two Types Of Self Help Literature, Arguing That In One S Personal And Professional Life, The Way To Success Is The Same By Adopting The Practical Strategies That Mental Health Experts Butler And Hope Have Developed Over Years Of Clinical Research And Practice, One Can Develop The Mental Fitness Necessary To Resolve One S Personal And Interpersonal Challenges At Home And Work And To Live A Productive, Satisfying LifeThe First Edition Addressed How To Develop Key Skills To Mental Fitness Eg Managing One S Time Better, Facing And Solving Problems Better, Keeping Things In Perspective, Learning To Relax, Etc , How To Improve One S Relationships, How To Beat Anxiety And Depression, And How To Establish A Good Mind Body Balance For This New Edition, Butler And Hope Have Updated All Preexisting Material And Have Added Five New Chapters On Sexuality And Intimate Relationships Anger In Relationships Recent Traumatic Events And Their Aftermath Loss And Bereavement And Dealing With The Past I bought this book originally in 1995 and recently purchased the most recent version for the Kindle reader It is a book I have gone back to many times and I am not a huge fan of self help books This one seems well organized and extremely practical Life is tough sometimes and I think it is nice to have a user s manual around for those times when something malfunctions or is not running as smoothly as it should.
I read the first edition back in 1995 I particularly liked the section on How to Improve Relationships and the chapter on recognizing voices from the past Life changing at the time since I was not sure how to sit still with myself yet I could at least start working on my reactions and thoughts.
This book has literally changed my life It s changed how I view myself as an individual as well as how to becoming a person I want to be Still blown away.

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