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Ô Market Mind Games ✓ Download by ✓ Denise Shull This book resonates on one general big idea understand ourselves.
The author pushes us to embrace our emotions instead of ruling out emotion by using logic and rational thinking How do we react in the time of uncertainties, when there are not many information about what is going to happen next and that we have no choice but to act at that moment Decision is going to be made at that point and we have so few information about it How are we going to make a decision and on what basis I like the author s argument that emotion is the basis of human thoughts it forms the foundation on how we think for the rest of our life and it all started from the moment we were born As we progress through our life, we absorbed all the feelings that we had felt in the past and forms an unconscious framework that will help in determining o This book tells you exactly what condition you must be in before going into an emotional warfare that is the market, and this book helps me a lot in determining when should I do my market actions or just stay calm and recalculate my possible moves.
Seize The Advantage In Every Trade Using Your Greatest Asset Psychological Capital When It Comes To Investing, We Re Usually Taught To Conquer Our Emotions Denise Shull Sees It In Reverse We Need To Use Our EmotionsCombining Her Expertise In Neuroscience With Her Extensive Trading Experience, Shull Seeks To Help You Improve Your Decision Making By Navigating The Shifting Relationships Among Reason, Analysis, Emotion, And Intuition This Is Your Psychological Capital And It S The Key To Making Decisions Calmly And Rationally During The Heat Of Trading Market Mind Games Explains The Basics Of Neuroscience In Language You Understand, Which Is The First Tool You Need To Manage The Emotional Ups And Downs Of The Trading It Then Provides You With A Rock Solid Trading System Designed To Take Full Advantage Of Your Emotional Assets Denise Shull is a neuroscientist and former trader Given her background, I was expecting an truly powerful and insightful book I did learn from the book, but it did not live up to expectations Her premise is spot on All decisions involve emotions as much as you d like to divorce yourself from emotions in making trading decisions This is simply not possible If this is so, then thoroughly understanding your emotions.
and even using them to your advantage in decision making.
will make you a better trader So far, so good Great start But then the practical applications simply fell well short for me Plus the writing style did not hold my interest Her attempt to weave a fictional story into her non fiction work like the totally engaging The Goal by Eli Goldratt fel Well worth it But alas I am biased the spelling mistakes need fixed Let it be known that we have asked McGraw Hill multiple times This is the first time that I learn all decisions require emotion The research of Antonio Damasio is very impressive He and his colleagues find that people with sustained brain damage related to the experience of emotion can hardly make even the simples of decisions The author or she got it from the current research states that we need emotion for vision, for meaning, and for essentially everything The link below talks about how neuroscience relates to economics book overall is kind of juicy However, it doesn t fit my reading style There are too many chapters and things are cut into pieces.
Oh boy Where to start with this one.
First, the book is littered with grammatical and spelling errors It should go without saying that any piece of writing in this day and age should exist without errors Second, the advice given in this book is supposed to be tailored for traders, but it is so generic that it could be applied to any professional seeking to enhance their work output that it seems completely unnecessary that this book was ever even written Why do I need to read a book on how to be a better trader if all it tells me is to stay healthy and get enough sleep And how is this information specific to trading in any way Third, the author seems to have a very poor understanding of even basic psychology Most of the concepts in this book are poorly explained, and the liberties the author takes are almost completely incoherent She also argues a thesis that essentially does away

There was useful information here about paying attention to your feeling and emotions.
helpful and insightful book for discretionary traders to seek an edge in the market.

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