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Download Epub Format Î Married to a Stranger PDF by ☆ Louise Allen The setup was decently done But after that it was neither angsty nor particularly funny.
Where was Callum There was no sign of him, not so much as a note Had he changed his mind and decided that after yesterday when she had slapped him , insulted him, stolen his horses and abandoned him in the middle of the woods that she was impossible, duty or no duty No No He didn t change his mind Even thought there was no duty anyway Even though men are under no obligation to propose to their brothers fiance Even though any intelligent man in existence who would have changed his mind Even though any man or woman would be extremely pissed if they were slapped for no good reason Aaaand I had enough of this stupidity.
Skimmed the rest, nothing exceptional, guy won t love cause he s afraid to be hurt, girl falls in lov This book was just so much BLAH There was just not much of a plot, at all I couldn t believe that within the first chapter the guy proposes The author couldn t have dragged out a little bit of a courtship there At all Give me a break The rest of the book was all about them adjusting to being married to each other and I tell you what it was pretty darn boring There was no plot, beyond that at all I had no clue this was the third book in a series and you may think that I may have enjoyed it reading the first two, but I assure you I would not This book needed some serious editing.
Miniseries Danger Desire Allen delivers a lovely, sweet story demonstrating how strangers can build a relationship based on lost love The gentle, yet powerful emotions of a grieving brother are sure to touch readers, as will the budding romance between him and a shy but emotionally strong woman RT Book review, 4 stars I started out not liking this one, then it grew on me and I really liked the couple Until the very very end when everything got really stupid really fast, and I didn t like it again The big conflict felt rushed and stuffed in there just because the author felt like it needed conflict, and the heroine s reaction to said conflict felt wildly ooc A good couple with good chemistry, foiled by uninspired writing.

Really wanted to enjoy this after reading One night with a rake , was sadly disappointed I hate to be brutally honest, though wish there had been to sink my teeth into It sadly seemed to lack a plot and lacked chemistry between the main characters To me it seemed she fell in love with him only a days into their marriage but how and why What made her fall for him in such a short time considering he was closed off, reserved and practically a stranger Unfortunately I found it boring, repetitive very repetitive and nonsensical in some parts A bigger plot or twist where Daniel returns and tries to steal her back from Cal etc Or maybe when she sees Daniel again her feelings start to return for him Could have been built on this foundation, af I can t believe I actually read this book The plot was horrifically boring I felt no chemistry between the characters It seemed forced in writing the whole way through A story of girl who is betrothed, to a twin, and he dies so the brother marries her out obligation or love It could have been better Way better.
El argumento no atrae mucho y se hace un poco pesada.
The third and final book centering around a Shipwreck in the Miniseries Danger Desire, a trilogy billed as Shipwreck, Scandal, and Society Weddings.
In Married to a Stranger , a marriage of convenience becomes something , but neither party is brave enough to speak up.
Ten years after the twins left for India, only one twin, the wrong one, comes back Cal is finally a man with 27 years of age and he has a prosperous career before him, all that is missing is a wife Sophia seems perfect, she is mature and was the fianc e of his twin, Dan who he was not able to save in the shipwreck Cal believes if he married Sophia, then he would also fulfill his promise to care for her if something happened to his twin Sophia is with her 26 years of age a spinster, her family has huge debts and Cal s propose seems like a fine solution to the whole mess But can they both overcome th A SHOCK PROPOSALSophia Langley S Life Is In Turmoil When She Learns Of Her Estranged Fianc S Death In A Shipwreck, The Last Thing She Expects Is For His Twin Brother, Callum Chatterton, To Make A Shock ProposalHer Inner Romantic Objects To A Marriage Of Convenience And Brooding Cal Makes It Very Clear That S All It Can Be Yet To Save Her Family Sophia Accepts With Trepidation And A Highly Inconvenient Trembling Of Desire For Her Reluctant Husband

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