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Trailer ✓ Master Georgie PDF by ☆ Beryl Bainbridge An interesting historical novel which won loads of prizes and accolades and is a brief and straightforward read Bainbridge uses the medium of photography to hang the novel on six photographic plates The first two plates are set in Liverpool in 1846 and 1850 and the rest in 1854 in the Crimea.
The Master Georgie of the title is George Hardy, a surgeon and amateur photographer His story is told alternately by three other characters Myrtle is a foundling brought up by the Hardy s after being found by George The exact circumstances are unclear, but Myrtle idolises George By 1854, when Myrtle is 20, they have a sexual relationship, despite George s marriage Dr Potter is married to George s sister Beatrice and is a Geologist he is verbose and a little pompous, but does notice things The last narrator is Pompey Jones initially a street urchin who crosses George s path Photos Out of Focus Roger Fenton s van in the CrimeaInstead of chapters, the late Dame Beryl Bainbridge s historical novel is divided into Plates, with titles such as Girl in the Presence of Death, 1846 and Funeral Procession Shadowed by Beatrice, October 1854 Each of the six sections includes the taking of a posed photograph, either by or including one orof the characters in the brief novel As the last four sections take place during or in the run up to the Crimean War, it is probable that Bainbridge was thinking of the pioneering war photographer Roger Fenton one of the main characters in the book works as assistant to some famous photographer who is never named He appears, however, to take the last group photograph, Smile, Boys, Smile, dated November 1854 You can easily imagine it a small group of weary soldiers, some seated, some standing, including a civilian and a y Another shortlisted novel from the perennial Booker bridesmaid, this one probably deserved better in 1998 than losing out to Ian McEwan s Amsterdam, which for me was one of the weaker winners.
This book is a fairly short novel with an unusual structure It has six chapters, each of which bears the title and date of a photographic plate These tell fragments of the story of George Hardy, a doctor and amateur photographer, told by three narrators each of whom get two chapters, and they all follow him from Liverpool to the Crimean war The narrators are Myrtle, an adopted sister who has had two of George s children, the chancer, former fireeater and photographer Pompey Jones who is also George s lover, and the older Dr Potter, George s brother in law, a dull geologist.
The story offers some striking imagery and a wide variety o Perhaps chance and destiny are interdependent, in that the latter cannot be fulfilled without the casual intervention of the former A craggy rock placed at a distance from the water will never be worn smoothThis book is a special Booker Prize winner winning the Best Of Beryl Prize in 2011 where the public was asked to choose between the five shortlisted books of the Booker Bridesmaid.
A detailed plot guide can be found here a succinct introduction to the characters is contained in the following musings by the geologist Dr Potter, one of our three point of view narrators, when he muses on the events that have thrown the other two point of view characters the foundling turned favourite turned lover and surrogate mother Myrtle, and the street performer turned photographer s assistant turned lover Pompey Jones, in orbit read July 2010Master Georgie in one tweet sized chunk Short and apparently simple, Master Georgie is an enjoyable snapshot of lives and the Crimean War.
It is a rare delight to encounter a book of such apparent simplicity as Master Georgie The narration split between three voices is compelling and smooth, the prose wonderfully uncluttered It is overloaded neither with explicit themes or complicated ideas There is no sense of a writer trying to be clever Master Georgie is storytelling of the finest order.
And yet I use the phrase apparent simplicity advisedly, for the simplicity of style masks a cunningly composed narrative which questions how one can ever know something simply by looking at it In Master Georgie, Beryl Bainbridge confronts the reader with an oddly compelling statement you cannot know these characters.
When Right this is Beryl Bainbridge it was shortlisted for the Booker Prize it is obviously a brilliant work of literature as judged by the Literaty There is obviously a great deal of clever literary mechanisms being used here therefore how dare I not give this the most possible amount of marks that Goodreads allows But is it a good read for the casual reader No, I m afraid it wasn t I found the plot far too fragmented it required great leaps of imagination or diligent back checking to even make half the connections that the book demanded we make The characters were sketchy again, far too much was left to the imagination or were the characters simply, enigmatically, shallow or even translucent and was there a clue in the last stanza trying to tell us that we re all just shadows on each others individual lives So why write a book or a novel Master Georgie George Hardy, A Surgeon And Amateur Photographer Stands At The Center Of This Intense, Searing, Unsettling Novel That Takes Him From A Comfortable Life In Prosperous Nineteenth Century Liverpool To The Battlefield At Inkerman And The Horrors Of The Crimean War His Story Begins And Ends In Front Of A Camera, But Master Georgie Is Than The Subject Of A Photograph Three Voices Record The Series Of Strange Events, Bad Judgments, Good Intentions, And Ill Luck That Shape The Destiny Of Master Georgie There Is Myrtle, A Foundling Rescued By An Accident Of Fate That Secures Her An Ambiguous Position In The Hardy Household There Is Pompey Jones, A Resourceful Street Boy, Then A Fire Eater, And Finally A Photographer S Assistant There Is The Pompous, Melancholy Dr Potter Who Studies The Classics And The New Science Of Darwin No Less Than He Ponders The Singular Misadventure In A Liverpool Brothel That Has So Ominously Linked His Own Fortune With That Of A Servant Girl, A Scamp, And His Brother Inlaw, Master Georgie George Hardy, rather Master George is an obsessed medical practitioner, a surgeon and an ardent photographer too Shortly after his father s untimely death, the whereabouts of which are to be kept a secret from the other members of his family, a choleric proliferation and the waging war against Russia sets Master George on a journey to offer his services to his countrymen, to the sufferers of war Could he have possibly known that he was to turn into one, a sufferer and likewise, the ones around him Myrtle is an orphaned girl, taken into the Hardy family, raised to be a lady, to all George s adoptive sister, but that s possibly an introduction for the world For her, she d rather be Georgie s skin, which can be cut, wounded, torn, sutured Having three narrators that speak in the same voice was such a mood killer.
This is my second Beryl Bainbridge novel in as many months and in my opinion asuccessful one The novel is narrated by three separate voices who all have some relation to the titular Master Georgie whose inner voice we never hear Myrtle is his adoring, one could say obsessively so, adopted sister found in poverty and given a leg up in life, Pompey Jones another one who lives in poverty and makes his own way up through his interaction with George, and Dr Potter who marries George s sister The story begins with a secret that all three share with George and secrets are added as their lives progress Most of the novel is set as Myrtle, George and Potter, initially accompanied by family, journey along the Mediterranean to Turkey and then to the battleground of the Crimean war George is a doctor and the others areor less by

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