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[John Rebell] · Mias Journey [social-welfare PDF] Read Online è Before I give my review let me start off by saying Mia s Journey is a dark and twisted tale of domestic and slave violence I do not condone the acts depicted in this novel and know the difference between reality and fiction With that disclaimer out the way, while I love to read dark erotica and see how far an author can push and blur the lines between reality and fiction, there were just too many holes in Mia s Journey for me to fully appreciate what the author, John Rebell was trying to convey The execution of abuse is depicted well maybe too well however, the after effects and the emotional stability of Mia is lost in translation The characters positions good vs bad are easily identifiable but the character of Daddy needs a bit development Daddy is a man Mia meets online He gives her advice on how to self publish Dark, disturbing and brutal.
you have been warned.
I m not sure exactly where to start with this review, firstly it came highly recommended by a friend, now this friend likes darker books than I generally read but every book I ve read that she s recommended I ve liked and so I started Mia s Journey.
To say the start of this book is difficult and uncomfortable would be an understatement, it s horrific Mia is sold by her father to his lawyer when she is eighteen to cover his legal fees, she been abused her entire life firstly by her father and then by her lawyer husband Jeffery Prescott The way she is treated is hard to read, the main part of the book starts when Mia has been married to Jeffery for ten years and he s started to loan her out, Mia has suffered twenty eight years of abuse it s all she s ever known and there s no This book is not for everyone It is certainly not for anyone under 18 or anyone who has been abused and is easily triggered On the other hand for those who ve been abused and like to read empowerment stories this was a good one, if very raw and very difficult to get through.
There is no question who the players are in this story Who is good, who is evil, who is a victim, who is a hero Mia is the ultimate victim Sold to her husband by her father to pay his attorney fees, Mia spends the first years of her marriage with her husband, Prescott, having the shit beat out of her on a daily basis Prescott is a nasty sadist he has no interest in his wife s enjoyment or even in keeping her emotionally or physically healthy, she is just meat for his games brutal anal and vaginal rape and constant brutal beatings This is not BDSM play Prescott is a sadi A Very Satisfying read that Holds Your AttentionThis is a well written thriller with strong erotic elements and an action pulp fiction feel The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are well chosen and thought provoking The bad guys are easy to hate and the good guys easy to like The hero reminded me of a certain retired Jedi Knight, perhaps crossed with Charles Bronson s character in Death Wish The pace quickens as the action heats up, with plot twist after plot twist leading to a surprising and appropriate finish Although the topic is somewhat dark, it is written with a light tone and a touch of wry humor I loved the one liner at the end of chapter seventy six I hope the authors write another one soon I for one would love to read about Daddy s earlier escapa

I am speechless Where do i start This book had me in tears by the end I wasn t ready to handle the situation without the happily ever after Big spoiler i know, sorry I had a hard time getting into it It took me days to get through the first 12 chapters But after that, it seems like everything went south Shit just started happening left and right I was trying to keep up it Abuse, kidnapping, coercion, blackmail, murder, suicide, family, love So much packed into a small package What i must say to all, DO NOT be discouraged by the slow beginning or the quirky writing style This is a must read for those who love hot sex with a twist and plenty of action Once you get past the introductions you will not want to put it down I almost stopped reading this book at first I had a tough time with the nickname Daddy I don t know if I ever really felt okay with the interactions between the two of them, but I did like that he wanted to protect her I didn t love the way her personality seemed to change in the book She was supposed to be stronger and confident, but she came across as a little girl Combined with the daddy thingehI ended up skipping over their intimate moments I did enjoy the action part of the book I am glad I kept reading because it did get interesting once that started.
This is one hell of a ride and I m glad I got on it This is a dark, twisted erotic thriller served up with a good helping of life lessons and harsh brutalities of real life Some parts of the story irked me, but now, looking back, I see why these scenes needed to be there It was gruesome, painful, heartless, and then there was courage, revenge, redemption, and later on, resolution I loved it Highly recommended.
I can t stop thinking about this bookI m having a hard time with this review because this story is very sad, abusive, heart wrenching and powerful I almost quit reading it not too far past the beginning because of the abuse and then going straight into another sexual relationship just seemed wrong I m very glad I kept reading anyway because this book really is incredible The character development is truly amazing, you keep learning a little and a little about each character right up to the end This book is definitely not for the faint of heart because of the horrible things that happen in it, but if you can stomach the negative aspects, you will truly be rewarded with an amazing book.
READER ADVISORY Mature Audiences Only This Story Contains Content That Includes Sex And Violent Content All Of The Characters Are Years Of Age Or Older A Powerful, Well Connected, Sexual Predator Buys His Wife In Lieu Of Legal Fees For His Own Sadistic DesiresA Physically And Emotionally Abused Girl Lives In Sexual Hell, With Invisible Handcuffs Binding Her Her Only Escape Is Her WritingAn Older Man In A Loveless Marriage Befriends Her Not Knowing The World Of Hurt Awaiting Him For Doing SoA Corrupt Cop, A Sexual Sadist, A Powerful Family, Against Two Unprepared, Unlikely, HeroesBut Nothing Is What It Seems, And Neither Are They Both Sides Bring Out The Very Best, And The Very Worst In Each Other In This Erotic AdventureMia Has Been Abused Her Entire Life It Started With Her Father And Continued When She Was Given To Her Husband As Payment For Legal Fees Her Husband, Jeffery Prescott, Was A Well Connected Lawyer That Took Great Pleasure In Using His Submissive Wife Any Way His Sick Mind Desired He Even Started Loaning Her Out To Other Twisted Sexual Predators She Is Held In Captivity In Plain Sight With Invisible Handcuffs His Contacts Throughout The City Insure That Mia Is Controlled Every Second Of Her Day Mia Started Writing To Escape Her Everyday HellTen Years Later, On An Online Writing Forum, She Meets Someone She Nicknames Daddy, For The Father She Never Had Daddy Is Older, In A Loveless Marriage, Held Together By The Love He Has For His Son What Started As An Unlikely Friendship Soon Turns Into Something Filled With Passion Mia And Daddy Click For Opposite Reasons One Wants Escape Her Brutal Present, Another Wants To Escape His Violent HistoryIt Sparks An Intense Sexual Relationship Neither Is Prepared, Or Ready For They First Rely On Each Other For Emotional Support, And Both Their Worlds Spirals Out Of ControlDaddy Sees What Is Happening In Mia S Life And Tries To Help Her, And Without Knowing It, Gets Involved In Things Way Over His Head But Daddy Isn T Who He Appears To Be And Has Lethal Skills Of His Own Buried Deep In His Past He Left His Violent Former Life Behind Or So He Thought Daddy Knows He Is No Action Hero He Can T Compete With Younger, Stronger, Better Armed Men He Has To Rely On His Smarts InsteadA Sexual Sadist, A Corrupt Cop, A Powerful Family, Against Two Unprepared, Unlikely, HeroesThe Lawyer, In An Effort To Save His Own Skin, First Tries To Intimidate Daddy When That Fails, He Then Enlists The Help Of A Corrupt Cop And An Inner City Gang Daddy Is Savagely Beaten, And He Is Left For Dead Bad Move They Should Have Killed Him Because Now It S Personal There Are Some Things In Life You Don T Back Down FromMia, On Finding Out What Happens To Her One And Only True Friend Who Was Only Trying To Help Her, Sets Out On Her Own Mission To Destroy Her Husband Her Rage At Her Treatment And Her Abusers Is Let Loose As She Sets Out To Crush The Family That Owns HerAlone And Without Help, Against Powerful , Politically Connected Enemies, The Hunted Turn The Tables And Become The Hunters As Mia And Daddy Set Out To Balance The Scales Of Justice In An Explosive, Bloody, Climax That Leaves The Entire City Reeling READER ADVISORY This Story Contains Content That Includes Sex And Erotic Themes All Of The Characters Are Years Of Age Or Older

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