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[Rebecca Taylor] Ê Midheaven (Ascendant Trilogy, #2) [anime PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì As Above, So BelowAs The Direct Descendant Of Francis Bacon Aka Shakespeare Charlotte Is The Next Ascendant She Is Destined To Teach Mankind The Secret Mysteries Of AlchemyIf Only She Knew What Those WereWith Her Father S Stone Box, And Her Mother S First Key, Charlotte Will Quest Around The World To Solve The Puzzle And Reveal Its SecretUnless Emerick Gets Her First I was hook from the first moment I read the line in the description of book one that says, I was the first person to never find her I had to hear the story of Charlotte and her search for her mother and why she disappeared Midheaven picks up Charlotte s story and leaves you wantingI can t wait for book three Since I read these books continuously, one after the other, I decided to post a combined review In general, I enjoyed the premise of the story and the events that occurred to take it forward The story is written decently and will ensure the reader continues on until the end The author manages to build up some amount of mystery and intrigue.
However, the protagonist is decent at best, but she gets rather whiny and annoying Her attentions are directed towards the two guys showering her with attention and she is torn between them in the usual cliched style At times she comes across as shallow, and at others, someone with a strong mind She sets out to find the meaning to the clues left behind by her parents As the story unfolds, the reader is drawn into a world of drama, secrets, betrayal.
The story lacked in precise character development and a deeper premise t Loved the story, a few minor technical concernsI ve enjoyed reading both books in this series I look forward to finishing the trilogy when the final book comes out in 2017 Rebecca Taylor truly has a refreshing gift for creative writing I look forward to readingof her work as she further develops her writing career This was one series that had me reading hours beyond bedtime From page one of Ascendant, I was transported into the story connected easily with the characters By the final page, I couldn t wait to continue the story so I downloaded Midheaven at midnight kept reading Most of the time the plot was easy to follow However, there were a few gaps in this book that weren t a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next I did find myself rereading those parts Choice or Destiny Omg I was expecting the book to slow down a bunch like most books do in the sequel I am impressed that there is still just as much mystery, yet questions are being answered I am impressed that the book is filled with intense action that keeps you reading all night long The second book doesn t slow down, it gets better.
The author has an amazing capability to show you the intense emotions in this book Passion, terror, confusion, heart break, unconditional love, desolation, hope Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of suspense and emotion while reading this amazing journey I have no idea what is going to happen next but I m so excited to find out I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.

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