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[Kid Boise] È Mikey and the Chickadee [classic-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Wyatt or Chickadee, as affectionately called by Mikey is an accountant who is getting transferred soon to another branch few hours away Mikey is a software specialist, owns his startup company This story is their journey about knowing each other, coming out and career decisions.
Its very descriptive and the romance progresses very slowly I marvel at the patience of Wyatt in his acceptance of Mikey s confusion and willingness to wait for him.
A style of writing not often seen in m m genre The descriptions of the city and the scenery were beautiful Disappointed to see only 1 book from this author He should be writing and I got this book from Goodreads giveaway a while back Mikey and the Chickadee is the first MM book that I read and finished I enjoyed reading it than I though Mikey and Wyatt seem like a real person in my head And then how their story grows is slow but sure It s not just about romance, it s about accepting yourself whatever you are It s about letting your heart lead your way.
Every Day, The Same City Bus Every Day, The Same Stunning Man, Riding Alongside You He Seems To Notice You You Could Swear Something S There It Almost Feels As If He S Reaching Out Then, One Fine Day, You Re Given The Chance Of A Lifetime A Opportunity To Finally Strike Up A Conversation Do You Take It Wyatt Does And He S Thrust Into A Beautiful, Violent, Emotionally Charged Journey Than He Ever Could Have Expected Only Time Will Tell If His New Bond With This Beautiful Boy Can Weather The Tumult And Confusion That Accompany Early Adulthood Mikey Said Things In A Way That Invoked Visions Of Us Spending Time Together In The Future I Considered This While I Watched The Sun Set Out My Window Beyond Houses, Buildings And Occasional Fields, All Of It Racing By, I Caught Flickers Of Open Water And The Far Off Levee Holding It At Bay The Next Few Miles Were Peppered With Conversation Borne, Still, Out Of An Inscrutable Dose Of Caution And Unfamiliarity How Does One Coax Something From A Void What Kind Of Enigmatic Force Conjures A Friendship Between Strangers How Fragile Those First Times Together Must Be, Yet With So Much Depending On Them For One Covert Second, I Swelled With Sadness, Not Just Because A Continued Relationship With This Beautifully Unchained Boy Was So Improbable, But For The Tragedy Of All Friendships That Died In Infancy Although I had some serious issues with this book, overall I came to enjoy the characters and their story.
I found it difficult to really get into this The language is stilted and confusing at times I decided to push through until at least the half way mark and then decide if I wanted to keep reading it It was at about exactly half way through that I finally found myself engaged with Wyatt and Mikey s story I think in part the writing style improved, but I think it was that my interest in the story got me through it The overall feeling I get is that the author is trying too hard The writing just doesn t flow, and some of the imagery is a bit odd.
There are definitely some good moments in this story Wyatt and Mikey are charming and fun characters The awkwardness in their relationship is somewhat endearing Wyatt s personal struggles really bring depth to his charac Suspend reality and you ll probably like this book Get yourself in the correct headspace and this book would be outstanding However I live in the Real World and was frustrated irritated as Hell.
This author goes along telling his story then slips in a sentence that is great in the college entrance exams but, for me, it just stopped the flow of words I marveled at the dissonance between his displays of clarion confidence and these fresh moments of uncertainty WHAT I ve an aversion to using a dictionary while I read, ok I start thinking of homework, essays and I m past that crap I would ve preferred a warning label Will Cause Feelings of Stupidity would have been nice Use of Pretension and Feelings of Grandeur contained Herein.
I d like to read something written later by Kid Boise Was it me His writing As I finished this book, I realized that I had been in a faulty mindset the entirely reading it This book is not an LGBT Romance at all This book is lih trah choor The prose is not purple, it is carefully crafted wordsmithing And this book is a big part of why I read LGBT RomanceI guess what I m saying is that the book isn t bad, it s just so damn AWARE of what it s been set up to be I wish I could have gotten to know Wyatt as a normal person He s definitely gone into the wrong field, because if this guy thinks this way to himself, he s never been happy for one second being an accountant I think I need to go read some K.
J Charles to get Wyatt s voice out of my head.
I received a free copy via Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.
I didn t know what to expect from this novel The blurb really says very little about the plot, so I went in without a whole lot of context That ended up being perfectly fine This is not a book with a whole lot of action or tension It s a slow bloom strangers to friends to lovers that quietly contemplates the process of falling in love.
This is not a traditional romance it s almost analytical Wyatt, the first person narrator, thinks deeply about each new step in his complicated yet not relationship with Mikey I say complicated because the line between them keeps moving as they get to know each other Uncomplicated because their communication is open the whole time They re not leading each other on or hiding or lying there are no big, horrible secrets they re keeping from each other Wyatt and Mikey are hon

This book was quite different from other I read In a way it was very clinical and the tone a bit stern or prosaic But I wouldn t say the book was bad, on the contrary, it was an interesting book with themes I really fell connected with e.
g the job thing Also I was well entertained by Mikey and Wyatt A note for other readers it s a bit weird that the title is Mikey and the Chickadee when the main character s name Wyatt is and the person who narrates is called Mikey.
I really liked the cultural diversity it was fresh and different.
Though, I liked the book but I wasn t totally hooked so I give4 out of 5 stars.
so like where the hell do i find this book UPDATE bought it on kindle read it new kind of genre to me like it EDIT i feel like i should give a proper review firstly because i almost broke my laptop trying to find this book i want a paperback but as a poor poor student i cant find a reason to spend so much money on a physical copy yet plus i didnt think i can wait for a few days for the book to arrive so i chose to buy the kindle edition and then my internet connection was freaking slow on that day that it took like half an hour to download the kindle app on my phone yeah i know like wtf right but thats what happen when you live in a house with 5 other people and 2 of them happened to have the obsession of maxing up the wifi quota by downloading every korean drama available oh well i ll live so yeah i almost want to threw 7 16 19 Currently FREE via Smashwords sale

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