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↠´ Read ò Misconduct by Samantha Kane » The Birmingham Rebels Play Both Sides Of The Field, Proving That The Hottest Action Isn T Always In The ArenaRookie Running Back Tom Kelly Loves The Perks Of Football Stardom Men, Women There S No Shortage Of Companionship For A Pro Athlete Who S Hot, Young, And Willing, And Tom Is Definitely Willing But Deep Down He Wants A Committed Three Way Relationship, Especially If The Female In The Middle Is Carmina De La Cruz The Undeniably Sexy Army Veteran May Not Say Much, But Her Body Speaks Loud And ClearAfter A Traumatic Tour In Afghanistan, Carmina Is Struggling To Regain Her Speech And Rebuild Her Life More Than Anything, She Wants To Feel Like A Woman Again Tom May Be A Wholesome All American, But He Knows Just How She Needs To Be Touched And He S Not The Only Rebel Who Arouses Her Interest With His Scorching Intensity, Tom S Best Friend Leaves Her Wondering If Two Players Might Be Better Than OneDanny Smith Is No Stranger To His Team S Kinky Reputation He Gave In To Temptation Once, But He S Not Going Down That Road Again Sure, Carmina S Curves Promise Pleasure, But Her Eyes Guarantee It Comes With Baggage And Danny Has Enough Of His Own Still, Giving Up Control Can Feel So Good And When It Comes To Everything Danny Craves, Carmina And Tom Make The Perfect Team Reviewed for Just Love Review contains some spoilers I d click the hide thing, but I think the spoilers aren t that bad and seriously, people should know what they re getting when if they read this book.
I have so many issues with this book Too many to actually talk about, mostly because theI try to unpack all that is wrong with this story, the angrier I become I m not sure how I read the whole book, but I did I think I pushed on to finish because I was hoping that the author would somehow, miraculously, find a way to write herself out of the mess that she started While some things did work themselves out, sort of, other things still rang true through the whole book and it made me so very angry.
Misconduc Misconduct Birmingham Rebels is book four in the Birmingham Rebels series by Samantha Kane First, I want to say that I ve loved this series from the start I have gotten attached to this crazy football team and their sexual escapades I m so glad that Danny, Tom, and Carmina got their chance for their own story We met Danny in the first book He is Coach Marion s best friend and is carrying some pretty deep scars on the inside from something that happened to both of them years before they ever came to Birmingham Now, he is Tom s roommate and they are also best friends He knows Tom is interested inthan just friendship but he s not going there He let down his guard once and never again And then there is the way he feels about Carmina Carmina has her own issues, she doesn t need som

4,5 stars rounded up because I really enjoyed the writing This was my first book by Samantha Kane and it was a very nice surprise I enjoyed her writingthan I expected I laughed out loud SO many times I never thought an MFM book could keep me up ALL night But this one really worked for me I asked for an ARC on Net Galley because I was hooked by the cover I mean, look at that body droll I adore MM books but I thought about trying an MFM too When I dived in I really didn t know what I was going to get I won t lie, at first I wasn t really fond of Tom He was pretty full of himself and the way he saw the world and especially sex was not to my liking But he was a football star, a handsome and free young man, super confident and he enjoyed experiencing lots of sex with men and women who threw themselves at him Nothing new, right This being said, I also must admit I didn t know what to WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Why can I not find a MMF that makes me dance a Cajun rhythm It seems like I used to be able to but lately it s been one dud after another Maybe MM has ruined MMF for me I wish I knew what the deal was but I don t like it.
I really didn t hate this book but I can t condone some of the sentiments perpetuated by it, thus the 1 heart rating So let s get those out of the way first.
I ve heard about Samantha Kane and her MMF books for years but this was my first experience reading one I thought for sure it d be good and was SO excited to read it I mean, I knew I was going to have to suspend reality since approximately a fourth of this NFL team in the deep South is bisexual and in polyamorous relationships and they all work together, but I was prepared wit

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