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Ñ Read ☆ Misfortune Cookies (HEARTSONG PRESENTS MYSTERIES) by Linda P. Kozar ¿ I didn t find this book very enjoyable Annoying and a little wierd.
Light, fun read.
Kindle Having read listened to the 3rd and 4th installments of this wonderful series, my wife and I thought we d like to start back at the beginning and get some of the backstory We were not disappointed This is a wonderful book It is humorous, thought provoking and a wonderful cozy mystery starring characters that we can really identify with It is a hilarious and engaging beginning to a wonderful series.
I read listened to this book in audio format via audible.
com I always go for the audio books first as the narrators tend to breathe life into the stories, thus giving them a heart beat so to speak Audio books allow us to read our stories and still get our work done hands free They make great companions on long walks and are excellent for those long road trips too This is a fun and exciting mystery cozy read with many, many laughs in it When the girls get together, there is no holding back read along as characters such as Sujan, Monroe, Lovita and others are off to explore a murder mystery that turns into a spy tale just like it came from the movies It is written in such a quirky witty way that you will either be laughing in stitches or shaking you 3 Audiobook This audiobook was not for me, plain and simple I very rarely DNF anything, usually preferring to table it instead, with the intention of finishing it eventually But I will not be coming back to this story Other reviews indicate that several of the problematic aspects of this story do not appear in the following installments, however I doubt that I ll ever be willing to give them a try My three main issues with this story are 1 the highly irritating characters, 2 the seemingly random religious themes, and 3 the flippant way body image is approached I normally don t feel it appropriate to rate or review something I have not finished, but given that I made it 84% through before being unable to continue and also given the fact that the three issues named above seemed highly unlikely to change in the final 16%, I made an exception for this title.
The writing itsel Best Friends Sue Jan And Lovita Run A Beauty Shop Boutique In The Little West Texas Town Of Wachita They Share A Passion Of Food And Fun But One Day, Over Lunch In A Chinese Restaurant, Lovita Opens A Fortune Cookie With A Sinister Message Your Father Was Murdered A Clue That Leads Them To God, An International Spy Ring And Several Devastatingly Handsome Strangers A Most Unlikely Pair Of Detectives, These Girlfriends Comb The Countryside With Style, Sarcasm, And Lots Of Szechwan This Tale Is Like Good Take Out Food Definitely Worth Bringing Home I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This was a very delightful and fun listen The main character is Lovita and she is a chubby southern beauticianwho owns a beauty shop with her best friend Sue Jan They love to go to the Chinese restaurants in there town and have lunch One day Lovita gets a fortune cookie with a mysterious message that sends her and her friends on a mystery hunt that has its hilarious ups and downs There is a lot of references to Christianity that I found quite refreshing, and coming from a southern family myself I know how southern christian ladies can be All Lovita and Sue Jan really want is to find true love.
and in the end they do Really fun and fabulous listen I will definitely continue this series 2 thumbs up and a big thank you to audiobookblast dot com MISFORTUNE COOKIES is a hilarious start to Linda Kozar s When the Fat Ladies Sing series Lovita and her best friend SueJan hide in a fallout shelter while a tornado ravages their small town of Wachita, Texas When the dust and debris settle, Lovita s hair salon is destroyed Then Lovita receives a fortune cookie stating that her father, who dies when Lovita was young, was actually murdered Thank goodness for the wonderful food at the two Chinese restaurants in town The best friends often find themselves ordering the delicious meals there Strangers are walking about town, allegedly conducting geologic studies SueJan and Lovita are desperately seeking someone to love What a tangled web Linda Kozar weaves in this entertaining story Funny Southern cozy mystery with some interesting characters, who really are characters The publisher s summary gives you a clue, but the personalities are really something.
CM gives voice to each character very well, and enhances the author s presentation with apparent ease.
This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at nocost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast.

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