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[Zona Gale] á Miss Lulu Bett [zambia PDF] Read Online Û This is a forgotten novel from a professional American writer who was extremely popular early in the twentieth century Her fictional territory was the upper midwest Gale earned a very good living from her stories, having abandoned an early journalism career in New York City when she could make it writing fiction She had published other novels, but this one won her the admiration of the leading reviewers of serious fiction She later worked it into a play, which won the Pulitzer prize, the first awarded to a woman dramatist.
It is the story of a spinster who emerges from the domination of her brother in law The book is wholly mid western, with reviewers commending it for its authentic speech patterns of middle class small to a comparison to machinal by sophie treadwell Zona Gale in Miss Lulu Bett, as in Sophie Treadwell s Machinal, depicts the world as a place in which women have less opportunities and options than men The plight of the unmarried woman is portrayed as one of drudgery and yet the married life is looked down upon as a worse fate Both leading women aim to escape the inevitability of having a husband in different ways, and if referring to Gale s original ending they both in their own way succeed with Bett s future brighter than Helen s In Miss Lulu Bett, Gale presents a couple deeply committed to their social status, and the repercussions involved with being regarded with any type of social status Dwight Deacon is the justice of peace, and he, along with his wife, Ina, strives to keep their family in good standing with the public This proves to be difficult when Ina s thirty three Burnt out on Zelda, I decided to go Zona and take on a semi forgotten book better known for its 1921 theater adaptation, which won its author a Pulitzer, making her the first woman ever in the Drama category to receive it Miss Lulu Bett is a clever spin on village realism with a heroine who seems like a doormat until she decides to wipe the floor with her family read it alongside Sherwood Anderson and you get a nice appreciation of the differences between social and Freudian psychology if Anderson in Winesburg is all about inner dissatisfaction turning folks into grotesques, Gale is interested in the hypocrisy of etiquette and social propriety, exploring how the desire to be recognized as good folk will twist a soul The style is mainly dialogue driven, with the descriptive passages effective in conveying how bland Warbleton Quick Name one of the bestselling novels in 1920 If you guessed Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale, I m assuming you checked out Wikipedia before answering.
Later turned into a Pulitzer prize winning play, Miss Lulu Bett was, when published, a commercial and critical success The novel is mostly forgotten now, which is a shame, because it s lovely and features some phenomenal writing.
Lulu Bett is a single woman living with her married sister and family She s treated as the hired help rather than a family member she does the cooking and the cleaning and is rarely included in social events Frankly, hired help hasfreedom than Lulu When a single man comes to town, however, it appears that Lulu s entire life might change.
That s only the first half of the novel It s followed by a twist that springboards the story into the second and stronger half of the novel To be fair, the twis Miss Lulu Bett is among the Pulizer prize winners in a compilation I downloaded free to my Kindle Think about it, aspiring authors Assuming copyright law doesn t change and of course it likely will in that length of time , seventy years after you re dead, all your stuff will be free as wifi, and some scum sucking bottom feeder like me will happen across it because he couldn t even bear the thought of paying for a 99 cent ebook.
There is an Akashic Record, after all.
Anyhow, this a a women s suffrage story, a parlor room drama about a spinster whose hormones and innate wilfulness haven t quieted just yet It s all raised eyebrows and innuendo The men are pigs, almost to a man, but the pimply boys are kinda cute.
If you like Edith Wharton, try this.
If you crave less subtle stuff, you won t get past the first few pages Don t feel bad You belong to a newer age.
Written by Wisconsin native Zona Gale and published in 1920, it reminded me somewhat of Sinclair Lewis s Main Street, though not of such epic size It also reminded me of Ernest Poole s His Family, which won the first ever Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1918 Gale would re write Miss Lulu Bett for the stage where she would be the first ever woman writer to earn the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1921.
Lulu Bett is a 34 year old dowdy spinster who has for the past 15 years lived with her younger sister Ina, who is married to an older widower Dwight who brings a daughter from the previous marriage The Deacons now have an 8 10 year old daughter of their own, and Diana from the first marriage is now 18 Ina and Lulu have Mrs Bett, their mother, living with them Lulu has been the housekeeper and cook for the family, and we find out she fills an evenimportant role She has not left the Novel Which Depicts Life In The Midwestern United States, From The American Writer She Adapted It As A Play, Which Was Awarded The Pulitzer Prize For Drama InIn The Same Year, Gale Took An Active Role In The Creation Of The Wisconsin Equal Rights Law, Which Prohibits Discrimination Against Women Reads like The Graduate meets Beverly Hillbillies, and I mean that in the best possible way An interesting portrait of a woman in the early part of the 20th century, finding her way through a stunted adulthood, desperate to marry but tied down by what society and her family expects of her Against the odds, a happy ending An odd but highly entertaining little book that reads like a play and a play version was created that won Zona a Pulitzer Prize, first ever for a woman primarily about social s in small town USA in the 1920s A large family of characters, each with their own little quirks, create a wide variety of interactions The characters of the book a bit stereotypical and shallow, the primary thread of the book being the slow emancipation of Miss Lulu Bett from the oppressive household where she is basically kept as a slave This book was a bestseller at the time, and one can definitely see that, although I can see its appeal primarily to unattached single ladies in their mid thirties, as the book is sort of a fantasy about that It has strong feminist themes and bent perhaps the most astonishing thing is its popularity were people really like t I am giving this book all these stars because it deserves them This was written in 1921 and bearing that in mind I tginknit is a highly courageous and entertaining story It is also written well and the story gripped me Zona Gale also writes with quiye a bit of humour and it reads like a film, very visual I am going to check out her other books, in the meantime I recommend Miss Lulu Bett who could be an ancestor of mine

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