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[Robin Booth] Ê Money Laundering Law and Regulation: A Practical Guide [battles-of-the-american-civil-ear PDF] Read Online Ø Money Laundering Law And Regulation Offers A Practical And Comprehensive Guide To UK Domestic Anti Money Laundering Law And Regulation, Increasingly Seen As Key Weapons In The Fight Against Serious And Organized CrimeThis New Book Explains The Genesis Of The Current Regime, Placing It In Its International, European, And Domestic Context It Sets Out Fully The Current Law On Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing With An Explanation Of The Key Concepts Of Money Laundering Law Introduced By The Proceeds Of Crime Act The Book Contains A Detailed Analysis Of The Suspicious Activity Reporting Regime, Both In Relation To Money Laundering And To Terrorist Property And FinancingThe Customer Due Diligence And Other Requirements Placed On Those In The Regulated Sector By The Money Laundering Regulations Are Given Detailed Coverage, As Are The Provisions For Registration, Supervision And Enforcement Contained In The Regulations The Law Relating To Cash Seizure, Detention And Forfeiture Is Set Out And Explained In A Chapter That Also Covers The Requirements For Cash Declaration The Final Chapter Provides Specific Guidance To Practitioners Through A Detailed Scenario Involving Parallel Civil And Criminal Proceedings And Commentary On How The Relevant Law Is Put Into Practice BOOK REVIEW MONEY LAUNDERING LAW AND REGULATIONA Practical GuideBy Robin Booth, Simon Farrell QC Guy Bastable, and Nicholas YeoOxford University PressISBN 978 0 19 954303 8www.
comMONEY LAUNDERING A DIFFCULT AND CONTENTIOUS AREA OF LAW AND IT CAN IMPACT ON YOU An Appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor from Richmond Green ChambersThis aptly subtitled Practical Guide from the OUP is certainly in the must buy category for any practitioner involved in any aspect of domestic anti money laundering law and regulation It s particularly relevant to any Counsel who accept public access instructions Not only does it explain and elucidate the key concepts of money laundering law introduced by the Proceeds of Crime Act of 2002, it injects throughout, a wise note of caution on the ways in which this legisl

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