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Download Epub Format ☆ Morgan Wade's Woman PDF by ↠´ Amii Lorin Morgan Wade is the alpha male that all other romance heroes have been copied from not good so far well, I read it until the very end, hoping it would be better, but it didn t bad books never do both heroine and hero deserved the title TSTL, for me They don t talk, they fight, or glare each other He can comunicate with his brows very handy and with that brows he tells her everything I don t like your dress , stay put , you re too charming to be seen and so on They hurt each other, phisically too He forces himself on her after 2 weeks of marriage and the morning after he says sorry for having you raped yesterday night and she replies it was no rape , well, he didn t use a knife, that s true, but it was rape for me.
They are married a sort of agreement for financial reasons and they don t live together, everyone of them aside for a journey or another after hating each other for almost You Re My Wife, Samantha, My Woman You Use My Name And What Wears That Brand Is Mine His Touch Burned His Voice Sent Shivers Down Her SpineBeautiful, Rich, And Disdainful Of Men, Once, Samantha Would Have Cut This Arrogant Rancher Dead But Her Father S Will Had Changed All That, Forcing Her To Marry Within Months Or Forfeit A Sizable FortuneIt Was His Name For Her Money It Wasn T A Marriage It Was A Business Deal Once He Had Seemed The Solution To All Her Problems But Now, Morgan Wade Had Other Ideas This was an ok read, but won t be a keeper for me The heroine, Samantha marries the hero, Morgan, in a marriage in name only She needs to get married because her father just died and she s found out that if she doesn t marry in 5 months she will lose her 5 million dollar inheritance As it is she must marry and stay married 5 years Her husband will control the money for five years and then she and he will jointly control it So she decides to marry a man she really doesn t know who supposedly needs money and they will stay marrried five years and then divorce It turns out that Morgan fell in lust at first sight, quickly followed by love So shortly after marrying her he forcefully seduces her but admits to no feelings and there is no emotional intimacy or sharing I really have di Tedious sparse dialogue between H h.
This book is old school and non pc If you can t deal with the controlling, jealous alpha don t read However, if you love bodice rippers and older Harlequins, you ll like this I ll have to say that the retro clothing references and all the smoking made this seem like something written in the 70s rather than the 80s, but it was highly entertaining.
Personally this would have been a 5 star for me if the sex had been less fade to black I realize that would be a plus for some, it s purely a matter of personal preference I don t require explicit details, but I do prefer a detailed telling of the first time spoilers There is one scene that is at the very least forced seduction and by modern standards would be called marital rape It s an important part of the story and the H is truly remorseful.
With clam ness of his, hero was emotional abuser but overall the book was not bad.
absolutely mind blowing i was stunned, this was an awesome oldie, exceptional morgan was besotted at 1st sight however,this was never obvious sam was a much sought after woman due 2 her exquisite beauty, add 2 dat a rich socialite so it was wise dat morgan did not fall at her feet he gave the impression dat he wanted her 4 the money this made sense n did not decrease his integrity bcoz he worked hard, relentlessly, the only thing he seemed 2 lack was an inflow of cash the book also had its funny moments they worked hard at making the other jealous instead of working at being a couple lol it was outrageous 4 sam 2 wear dat near nude dress which left lil 2 the imagination of men morgan being the macho man he was cud not be provoked in such a way without retaliation n got her pregnant LOL this was a deli

4 CAPTIVATING STARS IF YOU FEEL LIKE GOING OLD SCHOOL, THIS BOOK MIGHT BE FOR YOU This is the story of Sam aka Samantha Denning a beautiful young potential heiress with long mahogany hair, whom after her father s death is obligated to marry According to the terms of her father s will, she must marry an American no less , before she turns 25 or she will forfeit her inheritance Also, it clearly stipulates that the husband would control her inheritance Therefore, it s imperative that she choose wisely Feeling discouraged and upset she attempted to distract herself by accepting an invitation to her friend Barbara son s christening Where she encounters a force to be reckoned with who goes by the name of Morgan Wade, a tough and ruggedly handsome rancher At first, these two would share a godson however it s not long before they would share Sam s friend Barbara suggests This one just about old skooled the old skool HPs I usually read This is a marriage of convenience to inherit from Daddy s will from the heroine s part, and I fell in love at first sight on the rancher hero s part While at first they may seem miles apart socially, the hero is actually wealthy in his own right and travels the globe in support of his business interests But the heroine doesn t know that she just knows that the hero stirs her cold English blood like no other man and she is virtually a prisoner at his Nevada ranch It s all lovingly described for example the deep pile green carpet, apple green walls and leaf green draperies of her white woodwork bedroom There are some supporting characters drifting in and out of the heroine s world friends, Long Island society stepmother, English stepbrother, old boyfriends, etc

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