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í Read à Motivation by Domenico Mazza ✓ No Matter What The End Goal Is, Without Motivation, You Will Not Achieve It Motivation Is The Spark That Gets You Started And Keeps You Going While There Are Many Different Theories Regarding What Motivates Us To Succeed, The Fact Remains That We Are Constantly Striving To Do Better And Be Better Than We Currently Are It Is The Nature Of Humans To Work Towards Something While Everyone Has Their Own Ideas Of What Success Means, It Is Generally Within A Fairly Small Parameter We Have Our Needs That Must Be Met First We Must Have Food, Shelter, Warmth We Must Have Friends And Family Who Respect And Love Us We Must Be Able To Love Ourselves Finally, We Might Be Able To Reach A Higher Level In Which We Can Focus On Self Actualization Once We Reach That Point, The Only Thing Stopping Us From Reaching Happiness And Success Will Be Ourselves And Our Own Motivation Levels Once We Determine What Our Goal Should Be, Whether It Be An Employment Goal, An Educational Goal, Or A Health Goal, We Will Be Able To Research What Is Required To Meet That Goal This Happens Before We Ever Need The Motivation To Act Towards Achieving The Goal When We Activate, We Set Forces In Motion That Will Help Us On Our Path To Success We Form A Plan And Make Any Preparations That Are Necessary We Start Carrying Out That Plan With The Level Of Intensity We Feel It Is Due When All Of These Things Come Together, Our Motivation Will Have Brought Us To The Realization Of Our Goals We Will Have Earned Success Through Our Hard Work And Dedication, And We Did It All Because We Had Mastered The Secrets Of Motivation

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