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[ Pdf Move to Strike Ü kigali PDF ] by Perri O'Shaughnessy µ Another excellent book by Perri O Shaughnessy While I do not always like courtroom books, the Nina Reilly books are an exception There is enough outside the courtroom stuff to keep things interesting, and the courtroom antics are written so that anyone can understand them All in all, an excellent tale.
Move to Strike, by Perri O Shaughnessy B plus Produced by Brilliance Audio and purchased through their outlet, Audio bookstand This is a Nina Reilly mystery In this one Nina s son, Bob, begs her to help a friend of his who is under arrest for a murder he swears she couldn t have committed Nina becomes involved in defending this 16 year old girl There are twists and turns and red herrings in abundance Nina s client has secrets she doesn t want to reveal even when it looks as if she s going to be convicted of a murder she didn t commit The only thing wrong with these books is the center stage romance between Nina and Paul In each book it s either on again or off again Nina s son, Bob, is the best character in these books.

This is my 6th book by these 2 Sisters Authors which the previously I gave 5 Stars This Story was just OK, to almost of ditching it altogether The Storyline I wasn t a fan of Since I often miss some details of a story in audio form, it s really not a good idea for me to listen to an abridged version, but the price was right I would be willing to try another story about Attorney Nina Reilly by Perri O Shaughynessy.
I like Perri O Shaughnessy books This series is generally good I enjoyed this book I only wish her husband had not died in the last book Since he was a prosecuting attorney, it could have been a good story line for a fewbooks especially when you add in her investigator and on again off again love interest.
Move to Strike was a great read Lots of characters, good scene descriptions and compelling story line that kept me engaged The O Shaughnessy sisters employ an excellent vocabulary, too This is an action packed read and the authors don t telegraph the ending resolution I really enjoyed this one.
Enjoyed reading this book This was my first experience reading a Perri O Shaughnessy novel I ll probably look for others in this series.
I liked this book very much, but I really felt it was detrimental not to have read the first 5 books in the series I didn t have Nina s back story so I was sometimes confused by references to past husbands and boyfriends The story was engaging but pretty complicated The wrap up in the end was amazing I think I should read the series starting from the first book.
New York Times Bestselling Author Perri O Shaughnessy Takes The Courtroom Thriller To Breathtaking New Heights In Move to Strike, A Page Turning Masterpiece Of Suspense That Brings Back Attorney Nina Reilly, Hailed By Critics As One Of The Most Interesting Heroines In Legal Thrillers Today San Jose Mercury NewsNina Reilly Thought She D Seen It All An Attorney And Single Mother, Nina Isn T Afraid To Tackle The Toughest Cases And Trickiest Defenses But She Is Wholly Unprepared For Her Latest Client Sixteen Year Old Nicole Zack, Rebel, Thief, And Best Friend Of Nina S Teenage Son, BobDid Nikki Steal Something From Her Uncle, A Prominent Plastic Surgeon, Then Kill Him In Cold Blood To Find Out, Nina Calls In Paul Van Wagoner, A PI And Ex Lover Whose Bravado Conceals A Troubling Personal SecretAs Paul Investigates The Eerily Coincidental Death Of The Surgeon S Son Killed In A Plane Crash The Same Night His Father Was Murdered Nina Sorts Through The Twisting Lies Surrounding Nikki, Uncovering A Seething Mystery, Some Enraged Former Patients, And Two Very Old CrimesFinally, Nina Must Confront The Central Question She Must Answer In Order To Save Her Client What Did Nikki Really See The Night Of Her Uncle S Murder Perri is always a good read and this is no exception Love her books

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