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↠´ Read ✓ Mrs, Presumed Dead by Simon Brett  A few years ago, I read the first book in this series, and when I came across this one, I couldn t remember why I hadn t continued the series Now I remember I would not say this is a bad book necessarily, but it did have some features that contributed to the low rating First, the late Mr Pargeter having been deceased for a while and leaving his widow, our protagonist, well off was mentioned on nearly every page To be fair, there was a stretch of two whole pages where he wasn t mentioned At that point, why not just make him a living character Second, the premise for Mrs Pargeter investigating into the murder was flimsy to say the least She must have a spidey sense for detecting foul play Third, during the reveal, the author tries to hold the audience in suspense by repeatedly referring to that person as the murderer rather than by name This is similar to movies TV using Only the second in the series that I have read So far I haven t made up my mind whether to continue with the whole series or not The telling of the story is entertaining, a little bit funny but rather predictable.
A light as air mystery that relies on the charm of its sleuth and central character, the 60 a little Mrs Pargeter, than meandering plot and kind of out of left field ending I did find Mrs Pargeter fun to be with, though I kept thinking, why does this woman have no friends, no one she spends any time with What sort of person is she I may read another in this series sometime but I think her charms would wear thin if I read another too soon.
This is a perfectly decent series mystery for the airplane, with a slightly illogical premise, a somewhat meandering plot, decent writing the encounter with the husband of the deceased suggests a better novel was possible , and a well imagined amateur detective The solution is ok Mrs Parteger s approach to detection is than a little random, and she does not really solve the crime.
I enjoyed this Another peak at Mrs P s history as she unravels a mystery in the street and infact the house where she has moved to I think I like the Charles Paris mysteries better so far at least but these are still fun.
Love these Mrs Pargeter s mysteries Mrs Pargeter moves into her new home and walks into a mystery immediately The couple who owned the house have a mystery surrounding them The husband is not who he purports to be The job up north does not exist and the address and telephone number he has given also does not exist The wife seems to have disappeared completely, after saying she would give all her worldly goods to a certain church Mrs Pargeter, with help from the late husband s friends is on the case but questioning the local ladies is proving to be quite difficult Do they know something or are they like this all the time Smithy S Loam, Tastefully Designed Housing Estate Perfect For Upwardly Mobile Business Executives And Their Model Families, And Perfect For MurderInto This Epitome Of Middle Class Respectability Moves Mrs Pargeter, Fresh From Her Stay At The Devereux Hotel Recounted In Simon Brett S A Nice Class Of Corpse And Ready To Settle Down Into Her New HomeWith All The Material Trappings Beloved Of Her New Neighbours And An Irreplacable Legacy From The Late Mr Pargeter, Life Should Have Been Than Comfortable When The Central Heating Breaks Down Mrs Pargeter Decides To Contact The Former Occupants, The Cottons, For Advice But The Address To Which They Should Have Moved Doesn T Exist And Mr Cotton S Employers Seem To Have No Trace Of Him Then Mrs Pargeter Finds An Unposted Letter Addressed To The Church Of Utter Simplicity She Begins To Wonder Where Are The Cottons Mrs Pargeter Delves Behind The Veneer Of The Estate S Net Curtains Into The Intriguing Lives Of The Inhabitants Of Smithy S Loam And Discovers That Some People S Manners Leave A Lot To Be DesiredWith A Fine Attention To The Idiosyncracies Of Suburban Life, Simon Brett Has Again Produced A Marvellously Entertaining And Deceptively Simple Tale Of Suspense I enjoyed the book as I do all of the books Simon Brett writes about Mrs Pargeter She s kind of like an updated Mrs Marple.
A little thin Didn t like it as much as the first one.
It is okay It is not Agatha Christie I really like the main character Mrs Pargeter, and her late husband s connections, but the mystery fell flat.

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