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Download Epub Format ✓ My Lord Protector PDF by ç Deborah Hale Fab May December romance with all the angst about the age difference rampantly abundant If you love that sort of thing, you will love this The heroine has a steel backbone and not in the plucky 1990s romance heroine sense The hero is not quite beta, but passionately literary and considerate The plot gets a little bogged down about 2 3rds through and seemed like it was stretched in order to make a word count, but otherwise delectable enough that I will be breaking my resolution not to participate in the current Harlequin sale to acquire some of Hale s backlist.
Marks also deducted for casual reference to secondary character plantation owning and unexaminedly lauding the saving of white invaders from indigenous population revolting for those who are triggered by those references Trigger warning for attempted rape.
ok ho uma gitti kitap, zevkle okudum Ama duygular n s rekli bast rmalar beni ld rtt Ehh madem o kadar bast rd n sonra bir rp da nas l Crispin e ger ekleri s yledin As l Crispin d nd nde i ler daha ok kar r uzar diye d n yodum tam tersi oldu hemen bitti kitap Ama onun d nda ok be endim Un libro lleno de romance y fantas a que se disfruta hasta la ltima p gina Como todos los del g nero son predecibles y se sabe que llevan el final feliz pero el nudo fue algo que me gusto bastante, como el coraz n es aquel que logra alzar la voz sin callar a la raz n haciendo sonre r al lector en m s de una ocasi n con las ocurrencias de los personajes.
B5702 Melegim Deborah Hale,Orjinal Ad My Lord Protector ulan Korucu Mele im in Goodreads puan 5 4 Dershanenin puan m 5 5 M this sade sakao lu bir in kitap idi.
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Deborah Hale i daha alyuvarlar aral klar ile okumak isterim.
Genel olarak konusu Babas ld kten dilberay yaln z kalan Julianne guti yi vey kardesinden korumak icin evlenen tecr Har Historical 3 stars

Just when you think they are going to admit their feeling for each other nope it doesn t happen A perfect May December romance of all the times, I just fell in love with this book from the very start and couldn t get enough It was so perfectly written I just don t know how to impress myself Emotions and sensations, actions and reactions, fun and sad moments, all of it was totally perfect and made me so in touch with the characters and story Hero and Heroine reaction to people s comment about their age gap was very real and growing of their love was very beautifully drawn The hero has become one of my favorite heroes The heroine was growing up and become a real woman from loving hero and that was very well written It has become one of my favorites and I totally recommend this to all of May December romance lovers.
in tarihi a k romanlar ndan birini daha bitirmi bulunuyorum Deborah Hale A k Sana Saklad m kitab yla tan d m ve kalemini sevdi im bir yazard ve bu kitab , Koruyucu Mele im i de onun imzas ta d i in ald m asl nda konusunu bile okumam t m ama ne yalan s yleyeyim orta derecede bir kitap geldi, ok ok be endim diyemeyece im bir kitap oldu u blog hayat mda ok nadirdir bir kitab be enmeme durumum bu y zden de okuyun diye de tavsiye edemem Bana g re a k konusunda yetersiz kalm , baz olaylar ge i tirilmi ve baz eyler ok abuk kabul edilmi gibiydi yani okudu um a k romanlar n n yan nda ok yetersizdi ve yazar n ilk okudu um kitab n n yan nda olduk a da s n k kald Edmund un ya n n Julianna dan bu kadar b y k olmas biraz rahats z etti beni, tamam Mixed feelings Lots of frustration, with occasional glimmers of hope, and some very nice scenes The hero is portrayed as a decrepit old man in many scenes I liked the ending read this a long time ago.
Torn Between Duty And Desire Edmund Fitzhugh Was Willing To Thrust His Head Back Into The Matrimonial Noose To Protect Julianna From Her Wicked Stepbrother But The Maiden Was Betrothed To His Nephew, Gone To Sea So Their Forbidden Union Was Secretly A Marriage In Name Only Yet Sharing His Home With The Much Younger Beauty Fueled A Passion He D Thought Long BuriedJulianna Ramsey Was At Sixes And Sevens Who Would Have Thought That Edmund S Gentle Care Could Ignite In Her A Woman S Ardor That Far Eclipsed Her Girlish Fancy For His Absent Nephew And What Of The Day When Her Fianc Would Return Would She Then Have The Courage To Choose Love Over Duty

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