Trailer Î My Poems: Selected poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva PDF by î Marina Tsvetaeva

Trailer Î My Poems: Selected poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva PDF by î Marina Tsvetaeva Sera verdad que todas las mujeres intoxicadas usamos las mismas palabras me canse de reconocerme en varios de estos poemas Esa melancolia y al mismo tiempo esa fuerza ternura que no se entiende de donde sale y que da un poco de miedo No one was left at a loss I m happy we ve come to part.
I m kissing you now acrossThe gap of a thousand yards.
We re not equal I understand.
I m calm for the first time A young Derzhavin, you can t Accept my undisciplined rhyme.
I christen your frightening flight Young eagle, rise in the air You stared at the sun my lightAnd delicate gaze can t compare.
I stood,tender than thoseWho ve witnessed you disappear I m kissing you now acrossThe gap of a thousand years.
February 12, 1916I ll conquer you from any land and from any sky,For the forest is my cradle and it s where I ll die,Because, here, on this earth, I stand only on one foot,And because I ll sing Love the selected compilation I discovered Marina Tsvetaeva s poetry quite by accident, while searching the quotes at Goodreads Her poems are full of fire and spirit, but also longing and heartbreak I love this I have been blessed with these two gorgeous Wings and I refuse to load my heart with weights There are bird and sky references throughout her poems, as well as a fierce determination to love or not love on her own terms There is a real progression here from her early poems some written while not yet out of her teens and the later ones As she goes along, she gains gravitas and skill, but her youthful fire, though tempered, remains Tsvetaeva doesn t rely much on poetic imagery, metaphors and the like, but rather engages the reader in an almost conversational tone which belies the skill of her writing The poems are brief, and often terribly poignant The translator, Andrey Kn

A must read poet with a particular sensibility for common objects and common poetical themes, such as the sun or a loved one Marina Tsvetaeva expresses them differently first reckoning their familiarity to then adding a new poetical voice.
By far the absolute best translations of Tsvetaeva I ve ever seen Everything matches the original meaning, form, sound, rhythm, rhyme, actually good poetry You get the point This should be the definitive translation No translation is ever perfect, but this one is like 99.
44% faithful.
It s a good sample of her work as well 67 poems ranging from 1909 to 1938 The progression of her style is pretty well represented.
I really wish I could understand these poems in the original language because, while the translation may have tried to keep true to Tsvetaeva s rhythms, I have read other renditions of certain poems in this collection that I much prefer A lot of these poems kept giving me a frustrating sense of proximity to what she wanted me to feel know see, like trying to make out a figure in detail through frosted glass But seldom could I break through the haze perhaps the fault is with me I would like to try other translations despite this Some favorites For Mama You walk, somewhat like myself P.
E In my unending city there is night There s a window lit My day s peculiar and mad Nights without the beloved An attempt at jealousy Marina Tsvetaeva writes with a dark, yet sleek voice that enchants readers She writes about death, and her emotions, and especially in this collection you can see how she grows and changes over the years I liked that the Russian poems were included in this text, along with the english translations My favorites were In Paris, For Mama, and Hamlet s dialogue with his conscience.
Marina Tsvetaeva October , August ,Is Considered By Many To Be Russia S Greatest Female Poet, Rivaled Perhaps Only By Anna Akhmatova Tsvetaeva S Poetry Was Often Of A Very Passionate And Almost Obsessive Nature She Writes Of Unrequited Love And Heartbreak, Of Her Admiration For Other Writers, Of The Devastation Of War, And Of Her Generally Troubled Life Nonetheless, She Is Always Able To Contain This Raw Emotion In An Extremely Rigorous And Disciplined Form, Unique Only To Her Especially In Her Later Poetry, Frequent Enjambments, Inner Rhymes, Short Lines, Word Play, And Numerous Allusions Dominate Her Work In This Dual Language Selection, Andrey Kneller Offers His Attempts To Capture This Distinctive Style Of Marina Tsvetaeva S Poetry By Preserving Both The Message And The Music Of The originals This book is beautiful, her poems are beautiful, the translationtransgression as Mr Kneller described itis beautiful too.
I ve read the penguin version of Marina s poems I think Andrey Kneller s translation is the most closest to Marina s passionate soul.
I recommend it to everyone who has passion for poetry.
BittersweetThis is the first time that I have read Marina Tsvetaeva s work I was ambivalent about her early work, but entranced by her later poems, particularly the ones involving God and religion.

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